Thursday, January 7, 2010

Let her husband dead set on most of the women

Women want some stupid

First to be broad minded, there is a tolerant heart, not to take things to fuss about, to contests child, you can be very sensitive, but sensitive to the process and also to have a certain sense. For example, a boyfriend or husband to get along with, if the found that men have with the other woman are ambiguous, like to see a text message, you can suspect, but you have to calm, a message can not represent anything, we must continue to show one's intentions, closed one eye after a review of its own is not ignored him, he is more gentle and caring, men are hard to eat the soft do not eat.

  Praise him some more

Is actually very simple to do if they find a man of your good, we give praise and thanks. Is not simply a matter of fact, sometimes you will feel that he should do or have not you do good, why should praise and thank him. However, do these men not because of the rest, it is because he loves you. So, give him a smile, a few praise and give him a positive feedback is what should be done. And that this will strengthen the relationship between you and him.

  Some little woman

Most men are the love of a small woman, "barbaric" is only used to seeing so much tenderness like a change of taste Bale.

Sensible little woman, with big girl not the same, little woman stays event is not and does not claim to do, everything should be two people to consult before making a decision, public appearances though it may be, but give a man enough to face left, alcohol on the table will never look at a man's face to act, nor comparisons with the other friend's wife.

 Some hard-working

Although the bones of men who like beautiful, but ultimately looks difficult to last long, finally be a man's heart is still to rely on the internal things, such as hard-working is an important aspect. Women may not beautiful, but definitely not lazy, lazy woman is the most so far of the men and women to avoid one. Unlike marriage, love, when his wife became rough due to physical exertion and hand when a man holding his feelings when apart from distressed or distressed, only more love, and absolutely will not mind, of course, except for garbage men. Hard-working woman in a man's eyes are always a source of charm, no men would really like the lazy woman, delicious to eat is the lazy woman's enemy.

 Some self -

Women should be economically independent, not necessarily paid, there is a job, money, even if not many, but we are on their own, to pay more intellectual leap honey, multi-study, take part in more beneficial activities, giving themselves more beautiful, live more beautiful

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