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Sharp depreciation of the liver capacity for liquor is a siren

If you have the banquet on the "bravery and combat skills" and you find that their inability to drink straight down, or in the "war Sifang Cheng" process suddenly see stars, the way work overtime without apparent cause nausea and vomiting ... ... Do not take it lightly! Second Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen Hepatobiliary Surgery Professor Chen Tao said that this is most likely the liver to alert you. Because the liver is the only one with no pain nerves in the human body's organs, the virus, alcohol and drugs is difficult to detect early stage of chronic damage, so as "attention to blind spots." Experts say middle-aged men become cirrhosis, liver cancer, "darling", and the liver overloaded with entertainment, work, drinking and so on are inseparable.

The liver is the body's "Life Tower", the body's metabolic and detoxification, immune functions are borne by the liver. Because of work reasons, the male often stays up late, lack of sleep. This will cause a relative shortage of hepatic blood flow affect liver cell nutrition moisture, resistance decreased. So, it should be how to protect the liver healthy?

  Mah-jongg table on the see stars?

Liver serious protest!

Leather business usually do pharaoh must regularly attend a variety of entertaining dinner. In the long-term "Alcohol test", he had a good workout out of an inability to drink, drank half a catty white wine is not a problem. A week ago, he succeeded in signing a large order, in the celebration party on just three glasses of white wine Xia Du, he had felt unsteady waves of nausea hit followed, during which the friends have a laugh: "how ? Wong's business is up, and inability to drink but has slipped? "

Ms Chan likes nothing better on the mahjong table marked with a few laps, the niece's wedding two days ago met several meet long-lost relatives, license Mismatched excitement consecutive hit more than 4 hours post-Mahjong all of a sudden that see stars, dizziness and weakness. "" "Male and female Pashang Pashang liver kidney!

Chen Tao reminder, whether there is a history of liver disease or liver checks has never been without problems of people, if consistently good Tuibeihuanzhan stage fright has never decreased the amount of alcohol you find, or are in high spirits all night mahjong strength is far below what you overnight the former, all must not be taken lightly, as this may be the liver to send you a serious warning signal.

  The liver is responsible for detoxifying the body

Why would a sudden drop in capacity for liquor, frequent use of brain suddenly collapsed? ... ... "Because the liver this 'chemical' only in the function of normal circumstances, the only 'dedicated' to perform the above functions." Tao said that as the largest of the digestive gland digestive system, liver metabolism of the body's major organs, Working together as a tight and orderly integrated chemical plant. Every day, people's intake of foods will have been carried out in the liver, an important chemical changes, there is protein, cholesterol and other substances in the synthesis. "The liver is equivalent to vehicle fuel supply system, automobile fuel supply is a problem, the engine will naturally be switched on; Similarly, if the liver goes wrong, the human body will be lethargic, no energy." Tao said.

Chen Tao introduction, the liver can not only food into energy, but also a total body detoxification organs, with the resolve bacteria, alcohol and other toxins functions. For example, when a number of intestinal bacterial parasite will be released in the decomposition of toxic ammonia, but the liver will translate into ammonia urea excretion out of the body. The metabolism of alcohol in the body are carried out mainly in the liver. After drinking a small part of the alcohol will be removed from the body with the breathing and perspiration, leaving most of the alcohol in the liver was converted into acetaldehyde, the symptoms of intoxication was caused by acetaldehyde; however, liver function was normal, then , acetaldehyde will be further converted into acetic acid, which is alcohol in the liver detoxification process.

  The liver without pain nerves are most vulnerable to neglect

Chen Tao said that the human body, the liver metabolism of a day as a heavy task, once people are over-consumption of alcohol or engage in a large number of mental, physical activities, can cause liver overload operation of any abnormal reaction. These phenomena are actually the liver of our signals. "Had alcohol in the human body's metabolism rate is limited, long-term excessive alcohol consumption will have liver damage, over time, breaks down alcohol in the capacity will drop, there will be capacity for liquor down, easy drunk phenomenon. But, like playing mahjong particular type of entertainment consumption of brain, liver, people with poorly functioning energy supply can not keep up, it is easy dizziness. "he said.

According to Chen Tao, in recent years in patients with liver cirrhosis and even liver cancer trends in younger, 40-year-old male became two kinds of liver diseases, "new favorite," "most of them belong to the cause of type men face social and family pressures are relatively large, and they must frequently present a variety of entertainment banquet, so that overload the liver a long time, knew the risk of liver disease. "

To experts, because the liver is the only one with no pain nerves in the human body organs, the virus, alcohol and drugs is difficult to detect early stage of chronic damage, so the liver is generally ignored the daily health care. General, the intensification of liver disease are subtle manner, until the feeling of pain, often has a more serious condition.

 Spices, fast food, etc. will increase the burden of the liver

Chen Tao said that apart from the body to pay attention to these warning signals, the high risk of liver disease, liver disease occurred in patients with liver disease should prevent. "These people better not drinking any alcohol at the same time should ensure asleep before 0:00." He believes that alcohol and guarantee the necessary conditions for sleep, bear the brunt of the two. At the same time, he says with frustration, the face of doctors told many people of poor self-control difficult to achieve. Chen Tao suggested that, for such people, their families and friends should work together to supervision, to drink less, reducing recreational activities, urged her to bed on time, so that these people gradually adapt a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, many people, once busy, likes to buy semi-finished products or work to pass the fast-food dinner, but the course of time, very easily lead to nutritional imbalance, leading to an increasing burden of the liver. Because a lot of instant food products, in order to preservation may contain a lot of doses of preservatives, especially the smoked, salted off sausage, bacon, duck, etc. is not good for the liver itself is a heavy burden in terms of people.

In addition to this, in order to avoid increasing the burden on the liver, liver disease, high-risk groups Eat the best food for beautiful color, because such food is likely to add pigment, In addition to this, too many spices and so on is not conducive to proper functioning of the liver.

It is worth recalling that many young white-collar workers to the office the morning the first thing is to soak a cup of fragrant coffee, and some even have to drink 35 cups on the 1st revive and refresh, experts pointed out that a lot of caffeine, coffee also must be " means "the liver, the liver can be increased, like drinking too much load.

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