Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Beware of four kinds of people who love sweating disease

Some people particularly fond of sweating, whether it is summer or winter meal, do something is often sweating just a bit nervous on the sweat, the disease medically known as hyperhidrosis.
Hyperhidrosis can be due to febrile diseases, metabolic diseases,

And mental factors caused. Summer, hot weather, people are under high temperature, sweating is a normal phenomenon, if the low temperature case, too, should be considered as a morbid of.

Diseases caused by hyperhidrosis mainly in the following categories:

  "Love sweating" Beware of four kinds of disease

  One is hypoglycemia.

There are many reasons causing hypoglycemia, seizures can be symptoms of sympathetic nervous over-excitement as the main performance, seizures due to a sudden drop in blood sugar to stimulate the sympathetic nervous excitement, adrenaline can lead to the release of a large number of patients with pale, a cold sweat, hand, foot and tremors.

 Second, hyperthyroidism, referred to as hyperthyroidism.

Heat intolerance is hyperhidrosis one of the characteristics of this disease, but also the performance of mental stress, personality changes, irritability, low concentration, it is difficult to sleep and other symptoms. In addition, suffering from hyperthyroidism, increased appetite, eat a lot of people actually wasting. Enhanced gastrointestinal function during hyperthyroidism, most patients with increased stool frequency, while there is palpitation, reduced efficiency and other symptoms.

  Third, pheochromocytoma.

Common symptoms of pheochromocytoma is dripping sweat, sweating with paroxysmal, and sometimes you can continue to sweat, but the paroxysmal attacks of facial flushing or white can be simultaneously. Will appear palpitation, tremor, limb fat and so cool. But the onset of the disease is often accompanied by significant increase in blood pressure, and hence caused headache.

  Four is diabetes.

Diabetic autonomic dysfunction due to the merger, and often also an increase in the phenomenon of abnormal sweating. But the patients also have "a little more than three," that is "more food, polydipsia, polyuria, and weight loss." Through the blood glucose checks and urine checks, generally is not difficult to make a diagnosis.

  "Love sweating" Beware of four kinds of disease experts advise

Small common sense:

Many people know that sweat contains more sodium chloride, sweat more should be added more salt, but calcium should be added after the sweat is somewhat ignored.

According to the research of calcium per 1000 milliliters in a milligram equivalent of sweat. In the normal sweat lost daily from only 15 mg of calcium is not important, but in high-temperature environment, crafts people, from the sweat lost per hour, 100 mg of calcium in the above, the amount of calcium accounted for almost 30% of the total emissions, easily lead to hypocalcemia. Patients with hand, foot cramps, muscle twitching, long-term calcium deficiency can lead to adults suffering from rickets, easy to fracture, and frequent low back and leg pain.

Experts advise: In order to prevent hypocalcemia after sweating, high temperature and operators should be in life, adequate intake of calcium, eat more calcium of milk, dairy products, fish, seafood and green leafy vegetables and other food. Furthermore, it should increase vitamin D content.

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