Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Health warning issued in early morning the most accurate

People often dizziness after getting up, limb stiffness, body edema, heart palpitations and hunger physiological phenomenon, is often ignored. In fact, these physical phenomena are often suffering from the disease within the body of external performance. Experts remind that we must pay attention to the early morning issued a health warning, timely treatment.
According to experts, dizziness early in the morning indicates that cervical bone hyperplasia, increased blood viscosity. Cervical bone hyperplasia may be due to compression of vertebral artery, affecting the brain blood supply; and blood viscosity increased, the blood flow slow down, oxygen content decreased, the brain blood oxygen shortage, combined with the peak value of blood viscosity usually occurs in the morning, so there are head halo, dizziness symptoms.

Early morning stiffness. Early morning, I felt very stiff fingers, not clenched fists, activities inconvenient, and sometimes twisted finger joints lock phenomenon occurs, we must activity will gradually ease, after a very long time. Morning stiffness is a symptom of rheumatoid arthritis, the current diagnostic criteria as the main project will be one of the early morning stiffness. Morning stiffness is often not limited to hands and other joints and muscles may also occur. The longer the morning stiffness, indicating that the more serious condition.

Edema early in the morning. Wake up the morning after the general health of people may also appear slightly swollen, but swelling of the phenomenon to get up after the event in 20 minutes to subside. If the early morning to the head and face swollen-based, especially the eyelids swelling significantly, suggesting that kidney disease. The swelling caused by heart disease to systemic edema, lower extremity edema mainly to get up after the event and the swelling does not go away. Anemia patients may also be associated with the early morning of edema, but the swelling was relatively lighter

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