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Four strokes better remedy to restore his face France

Lot of sleep lot of laughs
This is everyone knows the truth, but in modern life, it seems to have become a luxury good. Idle all right, take a look at television, the Internet, but also can "boil" to midnight. On the weekends, sleep, after noon, will be able to fill back? Not.

In the 22-25 years of age, the skin and a reduced ability to self-repair, and each time late at night, will leave the skin depths of raging free radicals, "marks", over time, it becomes a show on the face of the "marks"; weekend Great Lanjue, but less over the weekend that Road "marks" only.

"Good face" must also accompanied by a good mood, "the most beautiful woman in love" is the reason. Not only work, stress, hurt feelings will affect a good mood oh, count the number of trespassers every day for something we are engrossed camp blind worry? Cream works like a charm, chosen to be trying to come up a can of what the nextå‘€? Which brand again in advertising, and a good seductive Oh! that stores again in a big promotion, and a good bargain Oh! ... ... Oh dear, what is good in the end the election? may not sound like kind of "asking for trouble" also make heart tightly, it is difficult to relax - are accustomed to "greedy," "Mahogany" who will not only make life chaos, they will be confused mess of their skin.

Skin, the body of the mirror. Almost all doctors are opposed to whitening, exfoliating, and as long as the body is healthy, mind is a healthy lifestyle is healthy, as long as simply doing a good job cleaning, moisturizing, sun protection, can allow the skin, "light up". All go to yellow to dark "skin care approach" only remedy can not be upside down.

Remedy 1: Remove the old waste horny

Metabolism has slowed down, ultraviolet radiation, pressure, stay up all night, will be the old waste horny "passing the buck" in the skin surface, without being able to come off naturally. The new horn can not be disclosed, they will make the skin look thick, dull, dull, feels some hard, some rough, sometimes from a small lump.

Any skin skin may happen, but it must be noted that, as long as is not thick, but also thick oily skin, do not use oil control cleansing mask or particles of coarse exfoliating scrub products. Partial thin, sensitive skin should choose FANCL water infiltration mask, cheese mask, Lange strawberry mask like the special gentle exfoliating products. Healthier skin, you can use heat Cleanser Clinique lip treatment, CLARINS deep cleansing cream, Biotherm Purifying Blemish crystal white mask, MB Mann poetry Bedan diamond penetration muscle combinations (micro-dermabrasion cream drill through muscle + GGhEGF Whitening Mask penetrating muscle repair), etc.. If it is long-term comparative dark, thick skin, you can use if Qianbi Wan Skin Renewer, Estee Lauder Repair Serum Yan Huan perfect for morning and evening or night mild keratin care, in order to promote keratinocyte metabolism; so after it has special exfoliating regularly, depending on the skin, grasp the need for flexibility.

It should be noted that when the skin is sensitive to the state, there is acne or wounds healed, the can not in any way to horny. After exfoliating, moisturizing facial mask should be immediately deposited nutrition or mask, because this time the strongest absorption through the skin, and the most timely repair.

Remedy 2: to promote blood circulation

Skin microcirculation is a determinant of health, glossy, due to environmental pollution, age and other reasons, the skin epidermis of the vascular function will be decreased, so that the blood circulation weakened, color reduction in the pink tone, leaving skin appears pale, yellowish or " cheeky dishes. "

Promote blood circulation is an effective way is to massage. "Massage Cream" can be expensive in SK-Ⅱ Multi-Active Cream kneading and flexible anti-relaxation Essence may also be a "girl next door"-like sense of Shu Wen AQUA skin mask, affordable herbal glossy Firming Massage ointment, they provide nutrients into the skin are different, but through massage the skin and the efficacy of the blood circulation, but it is the same. The easiest way massage is from the inside out, bottom-up, or circular motion to gently press (to heavily pressed and gently filed).

It should be noted that the time to 5-10 minutes for each massage is appropriate and not too long. Massage also has a mild exfoliating effect, 1-2 times per week is appropriate and not demand more. Partial thin, sensitive, red blood should not massage the skin. The same should be moisturizing massage mask, nutrition mask and skin care products, massage and open the lock because of the pores.

Remedy 3: Clear the skin toxin

Heavy metals in automobile exhaust, ozone (nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and volatile organic substances produced by the ultraviolet photosynthesis), the skin will produce a large number of toxins, so that protein and lipid material oxidation, and even cause cell damage and early death. Oil and heavy drinking, staying up late and so bad way of life, will result in excessive waste accumulate in the dermis layer, resulting in lymphatic circulation, poor blood circulation, cell oxygen shortage becomes withered, losing its vitality. These are reflected in the face, that is yellowing, dull, dry and rough; oily skin, it will obviously feel "oily dirty dirty".

Perhaps in order to "conform to" such an unhealthy living environment and living conditions, skin-care products in the emergence of a growing number of detoxification products: in and toxins, and the introduction of Medical Oxygen Oxygen molecules Biotherm Purifying massage essence and Oxygen purifying mask; powerful antioxidant supplement the activity of the new Estee Lauder energy nutritional essence of living water; to add a variety of vitamins and plant extracts, anti-oxidation and to promote micro-circulation CLARINS Energizing Morning essence beauty fluid, fiber-US tight capacity Lu, Oil of Olay Whitening Radiance Essence conditioning; to Kampo plant extracts to promote waste discharge, clean environment within the skin KOSE Junkisui massage beauty fluid, etc., can make the skin revealing a healthy white glossy.

Remedy 4: Let your skin smooth

This is the most neglected areas, are very easily be proved: When the sun shines on a smooth plane, such as flat glass, it will send a very strong reflection; if exposure is not smooth in the plane, such as frosted glass, reflective on the will be very weak. Our skin luster, is actually reflecting the sun, if the skin smooth, it will shine; if rough, will be bleak.

By exfoliating skin becomes smooth is a way, but there are significant limitations: not excessive or frequent exfoliation, otherwise they will make the skin become thinner fragile; Every time I go after the horn can maintain relatively short time, the old keratinocytes endless stream of death, if the metabolism of the poor will soon form a new heap, so that the skin surface becomes rough dull again. Reply girls how to make the skin smooth and bright and clean like it?

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