Saturday, January 23, 2010

What are pregnant women not to be winter

As the heating period for termination of pregnancy rate of embryos, there is a history of habitual abortion women, winter is best not pregnant.

Affect the reproductive function of the pollution study is not yet perfect, but the air of toxic substances, smoking and other factors that may have a negative impact on human fertility. Pregnant women, the first three months of pregnancy, they should begin well in advance of self-protection. Experts suggest that a number of spontaneous abortions occurred, or have had to terminate the phenomenon of embryonic development, it is not find a specific reason women do not choose the best pregnancy in the winter, you can choose in the summer or autumn of non-heating period of pregnancy.

In addition, how to reduce the incidence of abortion? Habitual abortion occurs, the couple should do a comprehensive physical examination, especially the genetic test, genetic studies of the development will give couples with habitual abortion to bring the Gospel. To find out the reasons for causing habitual abortion, according to the reasons for the prevention and treatment can be effective control of its occurrence:

One occurred within six months after abortion to contraception, to be pregnant again after six months can reduce the incidence of abortion.

2, to do genetic test, the couple also for chromosome examination.

3, do blood grouping, including Rh blood group system.

4, there is the womb I do loose ligation within the mouth.

5, for the treatment of luteal phase defect drug use time to time over the last abortion of pregnancy (such as last March in pregnancy miscarriage, then the treatment time can not be shorter than the pregnancy in March).

6, there is low thyroid function, to maintain normal thyroid function after pregnancy, during pregnancy should take a low anti-A drugs.

7, pay attention to rest and avoid sexual intercourse (especially in the last abortion during pregnancy), emotional stability, patterns of life with restraint.

8, husband to do the reproductive system checks. Bacterium fine after a thorough treatment of disease to make his wife pregnant.

9, to avoid exposure to toxic substances and radioactive materials exposure

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