Sunday, January 24, 2010

Health and carrot juice will help Rapid weight loss

Health drink carrot juice make you mad thin six pounds!

Here are a kind of "to drink carrot juice diet." Fresh off the first 1-2 days, drink carrot juice. During the off eating and drinking carrot juice does not really matter much. By the third day, only non-meal and the rest to eat two meals of rice, boiled green vegetables to warm gastrointestinal. Such conduct a round, you can lean around the next 2-3 kg Oh!


Carrots (about 200 grams)


1 carrot skin is rich in nutrition, with brush and water to fully wash the skin, cut each into a round lump.

2, if not easy to find a single portal to drink carrot juice, you can add some apples, tomatoes or bananas mixed with juice, or lemon juice, honey, for flavor.

3 carrots cut into appropriate size will be placed in fruit and vegetable juicer or blender. From the mixer out of the carrot juice is carrot-shaped mud was thick, intact carrot nutrition, it is best not left it to drink a drop. If fruit and vegetable juicer, carrot juice in the squeeze, the residue will remain in the juice machine, these residues are rich in dietary fiber, it should strive to achieve a little to the bubble into the carrot juice drink together before not be wasted.

4, without fruit and vegetable juicer or blender can also be prepared to rasp, Rub the carrots on top, you can out of thin strips of carrot silk. These carrots raw silk of course, OK, if with gauze wrap, squeeze the juice drink is not bad.

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