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Face is to tell you how to lose weight

REVIEW: Is it healthy to see from the mask on the same thin also find information from the face. In the face, filled with your diet, health, and emotional aspects of information, just as pale and ill means that, as the first step to lose weight or be in place from the front of the mirror and see himself as belonging to the kind of mask, so that your face tell you how cut.

Recognize the faces to find a suitable for your diet

 What's Facebook thin

Face is covered with the meridian, each meridian is the root affects the body's organs and muscles, once a place where poor and blocked meridian because of toxins directly in the performance of the face is swollen. Therefore, observation of edema can know where to easier to gain weight, where is the weight-loss campaign to attack the headquarters! According to the physical division of the human body can be divided into lunar man man, the sun people, Shao people, Shaoyang these four groups of people that he belongs to which category, the most obvious criterion is the face oh. So from his face, we can get a lot of weight loss tips.

Face A: Ariel Lin

  Face A

Physical: lunar physical

On behalf of Stars: Ariel Lin

Facebook Analysis: This type of MM obesity mainly concentrated in the waist, buttocks and thighs, upper body than lower body slim, very easy to constipation. Lunar constitution were relatively poor digestive system, easy to eat indigestion, hoarding easy to flesh and suddenly so fat on them is a frequent occurrence.

  Keep fit program

1, the hard to digest the food out of their own recipes, although they still have certain advantages. For example, chocolate, soy products, ice cream, chives, onion, pork and so on, try to eat less. They passed the time required for relatively long intestine, making it easy to digest burden.

2, weight loss can not be without fruit, if the constitution to give lunar MM recommend a can eat fruits and effective, it must be papaya. Papaya to aid digestion, prevent constipation, which papaya enzymes to help digest protein, eat no fat, is a very good weight of fruit.

3, Lunar people like to eat sweet and sour, in order to slim the first to do is Gaidiao their own taste. Do not eat sweet and sour, including citrus fruits.

4, focusing on lower body movement allows you to balance their physical, for example, ride bicycles, stair climbing and so on, to practice some dancing and running campaigns, the more flexible and lower body exercise, the body will soon be getting thinner.


  Face B

Physical: Sun constitution

On behalf of Stars: Selina

Face analysis: the sun are "He Liangshui will be fat," the constitution, actually not because of their superior absorption, but relatively easy to heat volatile, easy to hunger's sake. Sun people basically were not picky eaters, appetite is also very good, so their upper body more easily developed than the lower body.

 Keep fit program

1, the sun is a standard lazy people, they do not like sports, can not move do not move. Therefore, in order to stimulate enthusiasm, there are fun little tool is a must be prepared, for example, massage roller, pumice foot health, etc., it is best able to watch TV, do homework time to use them.

2, high-protein food for people, like the sun, like toxic, because the protein constitution of the reasons life is very easy to make the sun muscle. For example, goose, squid, peanuts, milk, goat's milk, mare's milk and so on, should not eat.

3, each time to eat fatty foods, eat a second meal can be deliberately kelp food. Greasy sun's taboo, kelp can go to the oil-based fed up.

4, after the bites and drink a cup of thick barley tea, not only to the greasy, but also to promote digestion. And hot barley tea with Yang Wei, Nuanwei's role, but also Acne detoxification.

Facebook C: Song Hye Kyo

 Facebook C

Physical: Shao physical

On behalf of Stars: Song Hye Kyo

Facebook Analysis: Shao physical persons waist length pelvis large, heavily of them have more upper body sensuality. He rarely exercise, muscle relatively loose superficial. Relatively easy to grow fat in place is hip and shoulder.

 Keep fit program

1, Shao constitution were mostly puffiness, and we look chubby naked eye they do not even have any dietary habit. Shortcut to solve the puffiness of attention Qiangshen spleen, daily through drinking Laoya Tang, Chinese yam soup Sibu way for blood to run smooth, more conducive to weight loss.

2, potatoes and oranges are also rich in vitamin C, not only can reduce the puffiness, but also touching skin whitening. But the weight-loss experts have warned, banana and avocado is not only more than potassium, they contain fat, protein and fiber are also a lot of calories and can not eat too much about, or is not conducive to weight loss.

3, Shao physical people tend to fatigue, weight loss is really a rigorous imprisonment for them. Weight loss must be maintained during the 40-minute nap, sleep more thin fast, but it is Shao physical way to lose weight.

4, sleep well Shao obese people is easy. More attention to eating red dates and the Chinese wolfberry, sleep deep sleep incense will help to generate growth hormone during sleep, body will become slim.

Face D: representative of a small S-Star

 Face D

Physical: Shaoyang physical

On behalf of Stars: Small S

Facebook Analysis: Shaoyang human shoulder width, hips small, thin legs, lower body is already enough for them thin, slight figure was inverted triangle. Shaoyang are most vulnerable to fat is the arms and back, for they are most afraid to challenge it is the Shoulder and halter dress.

 Keep fit program

1, stomach function in particular, developed Shaoyang people often eat sea Hu drink, so in order to suppress appetite, a bowl of soup before meals is essential, probably the size of the bowl can hold an apple is sufficient.

2, color of food is very good for Shaoyang people, such as eggplant, red pepper, purple cabbage. Gastrointestinal good you can eat salad, so long as remember "a dark-colored vegetables cooked food, light-colored vegetables eaten raw," Shaoyang people slim down is not a problem.

3, Shaoyang human cells in a very strong art, and are advised to conduct a needs musical training with a weight-loss campaigns, such as aerobics, ballroom dancing, hip-hop and pulling exercises, etc. relatively lively manner best suited to people's physical Shaoyang.

4, Shaoyang people are very lazy and maintenance, slimming cream for them to cast a half is not completely abandoned, idle Jin Xiang Di. Therefore, drink or eat such a direct way, they would be welcome, can green tea as their beverage.

Link: do not look at their own physical disorder to lose weight is a big mistake to citrus tea, for example, people who drank strong physique would be slim and slender, weak constitution will weaken the digestive function of the person, but to the weight loss is a counter-productive. The time to lose weight often observed his face, weight loss, when should blood gas Yingrun, there is no black eye, in order to prove that it is very suitable for reduction by the scientific method.

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