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Women too love a clean anti-Jalan disease

People often say, "Woman is the water to do," the sentence includes both women had trickling sluggishly flowing water like gentle personality, but also revealed that women are more vulnerable, more needs care the gender characteristics. The following does not introduce the health of a woman's 16 commandments, hoping to provide a reference for you a female friend.
March 31, the British "Daily Mail" published in a major women's health survey results also confirmed this point. Scientists at Oxford University through the 1.3 million women, a 13-year follow-up study found that the emergence of many diseases and women's lifestyle has a direct correlation. As a result, they gave 16 healthy female presented commandment.

1. Do not be too clean. U.S. microbiologist Maliboshi through extensive studies have concluded that: wash your hands with ordinary soap and water is sufficient, anti-bacterial products but will be counterproductive. Now anti-bacterial products have broad access to people's lives, such as a variety of sterilization soap, hand lotion, and bath liquid and so on. Women as housewives, for his family's health, tend to use these products. "However, this does not allow people to stay away from flu and colds, breaking the body's flora balance and weaken the body's sensitivity to the bacteria, but bacteria in the body makes the big rebellion." Maliboshi that in human digestion and nutrition absorption system, the majority of micro-organisms is essential to maintaining health. Frequent use of antimicrobial products that allow these beneficial micro-organisms to survive.

2. Long-term use short-acting oral contraceptives. The study further concluded that short-acting oral contraceptives can reduce the prevalence of uterine cancer, but in 30 years after stopping can continue to be protected. Studies have shown that women take the drug for five years and reduce the risk of suffering from uterine cancer by 20%. Taking 15 consecutive years, the cancer risk can be reduced by half.

3. Drink black tea. Gum disease is the cause of heart disease an incentive. Oral bacteria can produce thousands of tiny blood clot will lead to narrowing of arteries, causing heart disease. How to protect gums then? The best way is to insist on drinking tea. U.S. experts study found that black tea can reduce the bacterial activity, reducing the chances of suffering dental, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease. Black tea can not only kill the bacteria in the mouth, but also produces an enzyme, which enables conversion of sugar into a sticky substance, played a strong role in the teeth.

4. Clothes folic acid. In order to prevent birth defects, pregnant women must be served the first 12 weeks of pregnancy enough to 400 micrograms of folic acid. The study also found that women take folic acid supplements can reduce the risk of the occurrence of macular degeneration. At present, Harvard Medical School study shows that continuing to take folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, two years after retard aging organs.
5. As far as possible do not drink carbonated drinks. Coca-Cola and other carbonated drinks contain phosphoric acid phosphate form, it will affect the absorption of calcium. With regard to osteoporosis, a study shows that drinking five sodas a week, including four cola, bone mineral density in older women will reduce the 4%. Aging at Tufts University Center for Human Nutrition Institute, women with osteoporosis researchers have suggested that women try not to drink carbonated drinks.

6. Not too thin. The ideal body mass index of about 24. Body Mass Index BMI is calculated as follows: weight (kg) divided by height (in meters) squared. British women's average height is 5 feet 4 inches (1.62 meters), for this height of the women, whose normal weight should be 140 pounds (63.5 kg). If below this weight, it will affect fertility. For example, the female body mass index of less than 18.5 probability of pregnancy would be even smaller. In addition, body mass index of less than 19, women are more prone to osteoporosis.

7. Avoid the use of hormone replacement therapy. Although hormone replacement therapy can prevent heart disease, osteoporosis, ulcers, and colon cancer and other diseases, but now more and more evidence that estrogen and progestin increased the risk of breast cancer will increase. Using only estrogen replacement therapy increases the risk of cervical cancer, alone and progesterone replacement therapy increases the risk of ovarian cancer.

8. Do not smoke. Likely to smoke than non-smoking women, sick women, twice. Nicotine accumulation of mucus in the womb, the will reduce the body's resistance to human papilloma virus, thereby significantly increase the risk of cervical cancer risk. In addition, smoking will also damage the body's immune system. Thus, the U.S. expert calls: Do not smoke, especially women.

9. Want a child more than the sun. British maternity experts, studies suggest that many women that there is no reason why the phenomenon of ovulation is due to a lack of vitamin D. Maternity consultant analysis that 50% of British women, a lack of vitamin D, of which 12% of the people there is no fixed period of ovulation. To this end, let the experts at Yale University, irregular ovulation women through the sun to supplement vitamin D, results showed that their ovulation cycle has been significantly improved. Therefore, experts suggest that women who want to have children, to ensure that drying for 20 minutes a day the sun will be able to get enough vitamin D in.

10. Be careful of your prescription drugs. Some prescription drugs may make your skin more sensitive to the sun, causing skin problems. These prescription drugs include antibiotics, cholesterol drugs, contraceptives, anti-inflammatory drugs, the treatment of acne medicine and the treatment of high blood pressure and diabetes drugs. If you are taking them out be sure to pay particular attention to sun.

11. More bananas. Mental Health Foundation survey shows that 1 / 4 of the middle-aged women are experiencing depression and anxiety. The occurrence of depression, often because the body lack of "happy hormone", that is caused by serotonin. The lack of serotonin is because the intake of amino acids, insufficient intake of tryptophan, the body can not synthesize these amino acids, can only come through food intake. "The secret of serotonin," one author of the book said Dr.卡洛琳罗蒙supplement L-tryptophan to eat turkey, cheese, plums and bananas. Therefore, experts suggest that women's 4-11 is best to eat bananas a week.

12. Less drinking. Women drink a glass of wine a day, the odds of breast cancer from 9.5% to 10.6%. In addition, alcohol may also cause other cancers. At present, the experts also does not explicitly give the security of the scope of alcohol consumption, but they suggested that as far as possible do not drink or drink less.

13.30 be completed before the age of childbearing. The study found that women aged 20 to 30 children between the ages of breast cancer incidence rate decreased by 7%. Breast Cancer Research United Kingdom, said breast-feeding for 12 months, the incidence of breast cancer and other diseases will be reduced 4.3%. This is because pregnancy and lactation can reduce estrogen levels, also means reducing the risk of cancer. At the same time, gallbladder disease, would reduce the incidence of 7%. Sweden, a recent study also found that breast-feeding more than 13 months, the risk of women suffering from rheumatoid arthritis will be halved.

14. Insist on weight training. British Chiropractic Association said the life of them, 70% of women will experience back pain. If you are experiencing pain, the best mitigation is to do more dumbbell and barbell movements. U.S. experts have suggested that low back pain of women insist on doing at least 16 weeks of weight-bearing exercise, of which 12% of the time to do aerobic exercise, but also help you relieve back pain.

15. Beware of fat on the stomach. A bloated stomach is not only unsightly, but also hidden health risks, 10% of people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. Also need to guard against is that it is often a sign of ovarian cancer, and 70% -75% of the possibility that it has metastasized to the abdomen of the. If the stomach fat on clear and continuous abdominal distension, must be timely medical treatment.

16. 200 times a year sex life. Columbia University heart disease experts believe that if women were to have 200 times the year orgasm, then she will be younger physiological age of 6 years old. The frequency of sexual life and overall health-related, can people get more health benefits.

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