Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The most important of the five sentences in marriage

1, the most cherished words: "I love you."When you hear these words when stating that you have harvested another person's love. This world, there are more sweet than to be loved more intoxicated happier happier going on? When you say these words when the show that you have found the ideal lover.
In the bustling crowd searching, and finally one day, you shines: "It's her (him)!" With Love, will no longer be lonely; With Love, will no longer be confused; there will be love, they will not further adrift; With Love, will no longer be easy. Love is a choice, a kind of enjoyment, but also a driving force, a responsibility.
  2, the most worthy of relief saying: "I'll come."
Each person has most in need of a helping hand. After a week of work fatigue, when you want to enjoy a relaxing weekend, suddenly found the house broken water pipes. You give plumbers call when he said, "I'll come," you will feel very relaxed. When you are driving in the busy road, the car suddenly turn off, followed by a long line of cars again, and desperately pressed whistle. Then you edgy way to call a friend when he said, "I have to" when your mind is like a stone off the ground.
  3, the most people to increase confidence in the sentence: "I believe you OK."
There is an excellent teacher told me that her students in an educational know-how, is always looking for students to talk alone. And the advantages and disadvantages of both the academic performance of students, have said to them: "I believe you OK." So, she taught the students, almost all of them have filled with self-confidence. "OK" and more "lines", and "no" and also "line" of the. This reminds me of Sun Yat-sen's sentence: "Heart to believe possible, then the difficulty of reclamation, the final day of success; heart to believe is not feasible, then the broken branches of the Yi Fan Zhang, nor effective of the period." Not only the students that, adults as well. When a person is experiencing difficulties or indecision when the fault occurs, if his leadership or his friends say, "I believe you," "I think you are OK," then he will soon summon the courage.
  4, most people can get rid of baseless rumor of the sentence: "Go your way, let other people go to these words!"
My father once said to me: "If you want others to not get something, you have to pay someone else could not pay something. If someone breaks you rest, someone else Ganhuo you work, and how others live you how life, then what can only be someone else, you get what. "Indeed, the winners in life are always far than our others, would like to deeply than others, better than anyone else. But often also baseless rumor, gossip or even accompanied by the sarcastic comments. Therefore, whenever hear the different voices, they need to behave properly in their words and deeds, but also to strengthen our resolve, "let people go to these words!" If Lu Xun said: "The sneer in favor of family, always in the success of the reform After. "
  5, the most difficult to resolve conflicts and the most scandalous sentence: "Maybe you're right."
These words is like asking a person to lay down their arms in the fierce fighting in the dispute to admit its mistakes is very hurt face things. However, in many cases, say these words, it will cause burning anger out, so that roar of the cool-headed, so that wielded fist down, so that differences of opinion convergence. Not only would avoid a lot of injuries and losses, but also to maintain the overall unity and stability. This sentence is particularly important in family disputes. When the small matter between husband and wife because of bickering over the 1:00 time, if there is one first of all to say this sentence, then the many contradictions will stop here. In fact, fall in love with each other since, as already living together, there is a question of principle insisted fight one another fiercely? Say "Maybe you're right," does nothing to lose

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