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Sexual fantasies and sexual obsession with the relationship between

Sexual fantasies and sexual obsession with the relationship between(2008-04-11 08:08:58)
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A normal sexual fantasy and the illusion of mental patients is essentially different.Sexual fantasy is a self-controlled, temporary, and fantasies are a clear understanding of its content is fictitious, it does not exist in real life, is dominated by the subjective will; and mental illness is a pathological illusion, is a kinds of illusory perceptual barriers, patients can not distinguish and criticism, even under the illusion of control will have a variety of impulsive, bizarre behavior, such as the destruction of material injury, Sun and so on.

Of sexual fantasies was mainly due to obsession with the opposite sex. In adolescence, we often will have some understanding of their idols do not produce admiration and all sorts of fantasy, day dream looking at the idol posters knitting. This sexual fantasies in some cases, for us to help. Sex therapists often recommend using fantasy to irritant reactions. Sexually active and happy women, often have a rich fantasy experience. The beauty of fantasy is that it can not time and space constraints, are not afraid of Kuipo, allow us to temporarily transcend reality; with the illusion of self-values can be enhanced to enable us to focus on their own merits; with the illusion can also relieve stress and tension and help us to cope with emotional stress, and prevent us from time to alleviate the biggest obstacle to be met - anxiety.

From the above analysis we can see that fantasy, including sexual fantasies, that every normal person may exist, and it there are certain advantages to our sex, in order to add fun sex life is a normal part of life, not sick. However, should moderate fantasy, especially for the boys and girls who are in bloom, if the only blindly fantasy, indulge in sexual fantasies in particular, it will delay their studies, go astray, and even embark on the road or have sexual crimes of sexual psychological barrier

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