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Condoms can be used the wrong into the "impotence"

Condoms can be used the wrong into the "impotence"(2008-04-22 12:47:23)
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A doctor said a patient because of inappropriate use of condoms contracted sexually transmitted diseases, or loss of contraceptive intent which lead to "engage in any death." In addition, some people quilt hoop too tightly may result from sexual dysfunction, men really cautious.

There condom manufacturers in the streets for publicity to increase public knowledge about.

According to Hong Kong "Sun" report, men's shopping rate has always been faster than women, when buying condoms was particularly notable: This is because to avoid embarrassment, the majority of men would rush in convenience stores or supermarkets to "nine seconds 9" speed pickup leave payments, as do not fit together, they rarely think of.

Case of doubt, difficult to speak about

To buy condoms that do not fit in the use of a number of problems encountered, but often have nowhere to turn or are too ashamed that this has been troubling issue has been the existence of countless adults, but few people talk about.

Penile tissue can be wound too tight

That do not fit the original use of condoms will not only affect men's self-appointed "status symbol", but will not be using those to reduce the contraceptive function, or even may, therefore, lead to sexual dysfunction, serious consequences can not be ignored.

"From a medical perspective, use of condoms too tight will result in penile tissue injuries, leading to do not move." Head of Department of Zhongshan University Urology Dr. Chen Zhaohuan pointed out that if too frequent use of condoms Jinzhai will lead to ischemia of the penis occur, so that the organization within the penis and nerve hypoxia, and if hit part of the sponge, then will lead to impotence, and severe cases will lead to impotence.

Too broad by an infectious agent the opportunity to

Used a condom too tight, it has led to sexual impotence of the crisis, but the use of condoms is too lenient. There are potential risks.

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