Friday, January 22, 2010

What adds to the growing hazards carbonated drinks

Many beverages such as soda water, cola and Sprite, etc., which contain carbonic acid composition, carbonate as a weak acid has some corrosion. That drink carbonated drinks will not let us do the bones become brittle? According to the U.S. "Popular Science" magazine in August, reported, in theory, it is entirely possible, but a day to drink at least a dozen liters soda water will have this effect. When the drinks the blood of carbon dioxide and water combine, it creates carbonic acid. The large number of carbonic acid in the blood will lead to acidosis, so that we get from food can not be a part of calcium deposited in bones, or simply "steal" the calcium in our bones. The United States endocrinologist Robert Henney said that we should be most worried about is not carbonic acid itself, but the acidosis caused by vomiting, headache and visceral function decline, thereby affecting the body's calcium absorption.

Henney found a bottle of carbonated drinks in the carbonate content, accounting for our body's natural metabolism, the amount of carbonate produced by 5% ~ 10%, this carbonic acid is not right what kind of bone calcium absorption inhibiting. Henney said that generally speaking, soda water, carbonated mineral content of bones is not adversely affected.

However, in the other components of carbonated drinks was able to take away from our bones in a small amount of calcium. Caffeine makes proteins in the blood of renal sodium removed, but also with the separation of the calcium ion. Another culprit is phosphoric acid, which is a component of cola. Research shows that if the human body is much higher than the proportion of phosphate of calcium, it will continue to loss of calcium in bones. Although the occasional drink a Coke will not make our bones become brittle, but Haynie advised people to drink more milk, or to keep bones strong

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