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Nutritional food inventory Laba

Laba porridge:

Yanshan Cao Qing nutritionists essays "club spectrum", and fitness nutritional function of laba porridge speaks detailed, clear, management of nutritional and easy to absorb, is "therapeutic" high quality goods, there is, and stomach, Spleen, raise heart, clearing the lungs, kidney, Li liver, Diabetes, eyesight, laxative, soothe the nerves role. These have all been confirmed by modern medicine. For the elderly speaking, laba porridge is also useful for food, but also should pay attention to not drink. In fact, even greater than the Laba, alter-ego, He Yu, for the elderly is also helpful. Varieties of congee are also quite a bit, can vary from on-demand options, as appropriate food.
"Laba porridge" in the main raw material for cereals, often there are rice, glutinous rice and barley. Rice with protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other ingredients, with Bu Zhong Yi Qi, raising the spleen and stomach, and the five internal organs, Chufan thirst quencher, Yijing and other functions. Spleen Qi Wen glutinous rice with the role of the spleen and stomach dysfunction who is suitable for human consumption, for the Deficiency vent profit, virtual annoying thirst, urine and other certain adjuvant treatment of adverse effects. Chinese medicine, pearl barley has a spleen, Bufei, heat, Shenshi functions, regular consumption of chronic enteritis, dyspepsia embolism also have good effect. Dietary fiber-rich barley the prevention of high blood lipids, hypertension, stroke and cardiovascular diseases.

Laba Tofu:

"Laba tofu" is a folk flavor County, Guizhou, Anhui specialties, in the Spring Festival eve Laba, that is, before and after the Lunar New Year in December eighth day, Guizhou County, each household must be Shaizhi tofu, civil society would be this natural Shaizhi tofu called "Laba tofu" .

Jade Jasper Laba garlic:

Laba garlic bulbs in the north, particularly in North China, a custom. As the name suggests, is the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month in the lunar calendar that day to cook garlic. In fact, very simple materials, that is, vinegar and garlic Baner. Approach is also extremely simple, the garlic will be skinned children can be sealed into a jar, bottles and the like inside the container, then pour vinegar, sealing the mouth into a cold place. Slowly, the garlic soaked in vinegar will be green, will eventually become quintana green as jade jasper.

Cook "5 beans":

In some places had Laba porridge is not called "laba porridge", and called the cook "five beans," and some day in the Laba cook, and some on the boil in the fifth day of the twelfth lunar month, and is also used face pinch some "Archer heads" and rice, beans (five kinds of beans) Tongzhu. It is said that people are eating Laba, "Archer heads" sparrow headache, next year without jeopardizing village. Cook this "5 beans", in addition to their own consumption, but also gifts relatives and neighbors. When you get hot meals a day with food, has been eating the twelfth lunar month 23, a symbol of more than year after year.

Laba surface:

Some do not produce or less in north China where production of rice, people eat laba porridge, but eating Laba surface. The next day with a variety of fruits, vegetables Sào made into noodles, roll well into the morning of the twelfth lunar month eighth day the whole family to eat Laba surface.

Laba porridge Sisu:

 Laba porridge in ancient timesIs to use red beans, glutinous rice, boiled, and later material is gradually increasing. So far China's south, northeast, northwest majority of people in the region still retains the custom to eat laba porridge, the Guangdong region has rarely seen. Materials used are different, multi-use sticky rice, red beans, dates, chestnuts, peanuts, ginkgo, lotus seeds, lilies and other boiled sweet porridge. Have joined longan, longan meat, preserves, etc. Tongzhu's. Winter to eat a bowl of steaming laba porridge, delicious and nutritious they are indeed capable of Zengfu Zengshou.
  TianjinLaba porridge cooked with Beijing approximation, still needs to pay attention to some of the lotus, lily, pearlmillet, Italian Ren rice, barley kernels, sticky kaoliang cereals, sticky yellow rice, kidney beans, mung bean, longan meat, longan meat, ginkgo, red dates, and sugar Osmanthus etc., color, smell and taste superb. In recent years, also joined the black meters. This laba porridge for diet, there is spleen, appetizers, qi, soothe the nerves, pure heart, nourishing the blood and other effects.
 ShanxiThe laba porridge, another name for the rice pudding, to millet-based, additional to cowpea, bean, mung bean, jujube, as well as sticky yellow rice, rice, glutinous rice cooked so the. Southeastern Shanxi region, fifth day of the twelfth lunar month that is to use red beans, red beans, cowpea, sweet potato, peanuts, glutinous rice, dried persimmons, combined water porridge, also known as sweet rice, is also one of the Sisu.
  Plateau in northern ShaanxiIn the Laba day, Ao Yu addition to using a variety of rice, beans in addition, must also join a variety of dried fruits, boiled tofu and meat mixture. Is usually the morning to cook, or sweet or salty, depending on the discretion of human taste choice. If there is a lunch to eat, but also in the porridge cooked on the inside some noodles, a total family reunion dinner. After eating, but also would be porridge wiping the door on the stove, and outside on the tree in order to exorcise避灾to meet next year's agricultural harvest. Folk legend, Laba bogey Chicai that day, saying that eating vegetables, crops, weeds over the ground. Southern Shaanxi were heterozygous eat Laba porridge, into "five flavors" and "Bawei" two. The former rice, glutinous rice, peanuts, ginkgo, boiled beans. The latter increased with the above-mentioned five kinds of raw materials outside the diced meat, tofu, radish, another must add seasoning. In addition to this day people eat Laba laba porridge, have to worship ancestors and granary with the porridge.
  Gansu peopleLaba porridge cooked with traditional grains, vegetables, cooked food among family members, but also sent to the neighborhood, but also is used to feed livestock. In Lanzhou, silver in urban areas, very particular about laba porridge cooked with rice, beans, jujube, ginkgo, lotus seeds, raisins, dried apricots, melons dry, walnut, green their names on, sugar, diced boiled and so on. Cooked first to King Door God, Kitchen God, earth god, the God of Wealth, pray for the coming year, favorable weather, bumper grain harvest; and then distributed to relatives and neighbors, the last family to enjoy. Wuwei Region, Gansu stress off "Su Laba," to eat rice, thick rice, lentils, rice or thick rice, cooked with fried dice, Gentiana with eating, folk call it "lentil porridge bubbles loose."
  Ningxia people Laba rice tends to be used to do lentils, soybeans, red beans, broad beans, black beans, rice, potatoes, porridge, together with wheat flour, or buckwheat noodles cut into diamond-shaped willow leaves, "Mr Mak child", or made into small round eggs, " Archer's head ", before the re-entry chopped green onion oil pan. This Tianquan family eating Laba rice, not Chicai.
  Qinghai Xining people, although the Han Chinese majority, but Laba did not spur of the moment, but ate rice wheat-jen. New grind wheat kernels, and beef and mutton Tongzhu, coupled with green salt, ginger skin, prickly ash, grass and fruit, incense and other condiments Miao, after a night Simmer boil, meat, wheat blend into the chyle-like, to expose the morning pot, Yi Xiang smell of the delicious food.
  Shandong "Confucian food system", the provision "laba porridge" of two, one is intended to MI Ren, longan, lotus seeds, lily, chestnut, jujube, such as boiled rice, and Sheng into the bowl would also like to add some "club Fruit "mainly carved into various shapes of fruits, is the embellishment. This porridge exclusively for Confucian master and owner of 12 government consumption. Another is to use rice, meat, cabbage, boiled tofu, etc., is to Confucian li when the poor were drinking.
 Henan Eating Laba rice, is millet, mung bean, cowpea, wheat kernels, peanuts, red dates, corn, boiled with the Principal eight kinds of raw, cooked, add some brown sugar, walnut, porridge thick wei shiang, allegorical bumper grain harvest for the coming year.
  Jiangsu region Two kinds of sub-savory and sweet to eat laba porridge, the same pot Brewing. Porridge is the only salt added vegetables and oil. Suzhou laba porridge should be boiled into Cigu, water chestnuts, Hu peach kernel, pine nut kernels, Gorgon fruit, jujube, chestnut, edible fungus, green vegetables, Flammulina, etc.. LI Fu-Qing Suzhou literati there was a poem that goes: "the twelfth lunar month on the 8th porridge, came from the Vatican of the Kingdom, the United States to reconcile Qibao, flavors mixed with incense."
  Zhejiang Laba porridge cooked generally with Hu peach kernel, pine nut kernels, Gorgon fruit, lotus seeds, red dates, longan meat, litchi flesh so sweet and delicious, eat pray for long life. It is said that this porridge is handed over from Nanjing, in which contains a number of legends.
  SichuanTo adults and more laba porridge practices varied, savory and sweet spicy, while the comparison of rural people to eat more salty and mainly use soybeans, peanuts, diced, white radish, carrots boiled in. Stranger to this taste, though do as the Romans, but it is difficult habit, are now urban people eat a lot of sweet porridge also be called different flavor. Laba porridge can be described with the closely related, while drinking in the Laba porridge, but also regarded as drinking out of tricks, drinking out of a new level.

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