Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Women must learn to move a man fascinated by the 10

Men love a woman they have, what are your expectations? Build, appearance, ability, family background, personality? Maybe all possible. But in reality, to find a set of various advantages of a perfect woman out, too little too ridiculous. Since ancient times, man's dream of a good wife to be able to "get out of the Court Hall Entering the kitchen," the so-called Xiuwaihuizhong woman as a standard. Then in the eyes of modern man, the most eager to become his wife, the woman is like?

1, her best ever touching grace
Either meet up with friends, or your company's New Year's party, her clothing may not eye-catching, but the bottom line is do not let you lose face in front of everybody. Based on the principle of roots to make better for her to deal with decent, we have very good, knowledgeable, and good taste. In addition, with the white hair to dye a timely manner. Do not let yourself get out of hand Zaiqu fat to lose weight. Do not wash the old low-costUnderwearGo to a thousand dollars a cashmere coat costume. Intimacy with you, when not seeking flirtatious, but you must always neat - beg you, do not let me see your underwear Zhan line orUnderwearBroke a hole.

2, attach importance to married life

She is not excessive for a woman married life, but also do not cool to not to married life seriously. She has a healthy sexual attitudes, to understand the initiative, and frank exchanges with you, the feelings of married life.

On your side may have something which you feel to live "Moisture"'s Girlfriend, do you particularly appreciate her and admire her success with the free and easy. However, others have it, not as good as they have: to do a moisture woman, not pieces of" extremely difficult for "things.

3, family atmosphere

Do not call every day, take-away. There will be a few Road, learned from her mother's delicious dishes, working busy time for you to do meal, there are no candlelight unimportant. Little girls red, your button came off, she will soon be able to sew on. And love. Insist on breastfeeding after the birth of a child, are not afraid of body-aliasing.

Chinese women often think they pay more for their families, the husband to pay less, it has always been uneven, if the husband is a good husband to your wife out Hunde-wing, which still did not, but if either, often would complain dissatisfied by the The resulting family conflicts. After all, the success of a minority, can incline for Families, women and men will not be much, and therefore the contradiction in the Chinese (especially urban) in most of the family.

4, to develop the habit of reading

Most of married woman or a read-only popular fashion magazine, which is normal. But then, some men would have some romantic feeling of love poetry and literature articles, and hope that theirPartnerScholars also have this. Reading is a good thing, of course, reading is not to put up a front. Reading from her sin of ignorance, so she told you have more common topics, but also let her temperament may be raised. In general, there is also a fun and rewarding pay.

Reading could have been a great pleasure in life, but also young students thirst for knowledge, a necessary way. But in the students that there is a phenomenon that some people do not want to read more and more now that learning is an extremely annoying thing, as well as a student would like to do a good job learning, but one picked up the book wanted to sleep, And as long as is not read, do other people do at once spirited, for himself worry. This is how what is going on, what can be done?

5, occasionally dream with you

BU's life much rice and firewood, the men occasionally overflow the hearts of some unrealistic dream. Even if too vague, and do not laugh at you mercilessly. And in the mood, she was dreaming to do with you. Do not be worried that there would be any normal death of a man be so stupid, thinking it a dream will always be unconscious?

6, humorous temperament

A woman's tenderness and kindness is the sugar, but the blind one day, sweet to the tired man will die. Humor temperament is a salt, it is a woman's body in the distribution of scarce, but once there, you can tune out the distinctive taste - one adult jokes with those they cover their ears than a woman can come to one or two speakers Adult joke of the woman, of course more interesting.

7, Aiwujiwu

Love you, you take the initiative to care about your family. Your parents birthday, she was early to send money or buy gifts; something happens to your brothers and sisters, she was also anxious than you; you come home to poor relatives, she will not be showing contempt of color, because contempt is a contempt of your relatives, your In the past, that is despised you are this person.

8, filled with self-confidence

Of your contacts with a female friend, not nervous, a little trouble with it that you haveAffair, To abandon her. Self-confident woman never do anything with the back of her husband's butt sniffing dogs to go, but also do not know what is discarded. Even if you really have an affair, she also can have confidence in your towed back to her mother's side - if she would also like to be your words.

9, tolerant of his ordinary

You do not expect too much, and for your ordinary and dull to be the maximum tolerance. You are not a money guy, not an influential successful people, but she is willing to follow you too ordinary day. She tolerance, also TIPS, is not easily nag, complain that you are stupid, not earn a lot of money - you know, men are most afraid of is this is also Zuifan.

10, she was strong and independent

Some men prefer women who do so in accordance with birds, so that they can to protect. More men prefer a woman with a spirit of independence, instead of a nose a tear, and do not mount him all day, which makes her a world apart from you, not even a chat and make friends at all. Men like to have their own space, in fact, you will also hope you have your own space. She was strong and independent, in your heart is beautiful

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