Saturday, January 9, 2010

In the morning can be self-rated poor health signal

In the morning, taking advantage of naked look at their bodies, might be able to find some normally invisible health problems. Recently, the U.S. media in detail the author pointed out: self-examination which adverse health should not be let off the signal.

Nail: early morning wake up to see if the nail surface, the level of thin white stripes, it means you are very tired recently, the kidneys can not filter out enough urine protein, it is best to be a urine test as soon as possible. If the nail on the yellow, brown or black stripes, it may be fatal skin cancer melanoma --- a sign. Found in time, the cure rate of up to 95%.

Axillary: If the axillary skin, rough, black, you're likely to suffer from diabetes. Excess of insulin in the blood of self-replicating skin cells accelerated the accumulation of melanin has also increased accordingly. This makes the skin looks black, Mo Shangqu thickening, especially the armpits, neck and groin area the most obvious.

Eyelids, knees and elbows: These positions if there is a white, soft flesh of a small lump, not a pimple, but the cholesterol deposits. This shows that your cholesterol level is already high enough to very dangerous stage, easily induced heart disease. Should quickly be a check to the doctor to lower cholesterol method. Cholesterol, as long as the reduced 10 percent, we can greatly reduce the risk of heart disease.

Scalp: Hair thinning may be signs of thyroid dysfunction. If, like dandruff like scales falling, which makes the shoulder dirty, it means your most recent lot of pressure, the body secrete too much cortisol, the immune system and metabolic systems were damaged. In addition to medication, it should be increased sleep, more deep breaths, try to let the body relax.

Abdomen: If you find thick, coarse hair extending from the groin to the navel, it may be a harbinger of polycystic ovary syndrome. Suffering from the disease in humans secrete too much androgen, leading to irregular menstruation, weight gain, acne occurring; abdomen, face, chest or back out of the dense growth of black hair. Doctors may prescribe some birth control pills to regulate your hormone levels.

Tongue: If you find tongue was white, yellow or orange to show that you appeared in his sleep acid reflux condition. Usually eat less acid and spicy food, some middle and acidic drugs can also improve the symptoms. Eyes: If the black eye the total does not subside, and you do not stay up all night, then you are likely allergic to. Bodily allergen infected, and will release histamine, so that blood vessels expand. The eye of the skin tender and thin, the reaction significantly. If you have a slightly yellow mass eye may be signs of conjunctival macula. It is light, dust, or wind a result, health is okay.

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