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Clean-up can be gut anti-aging

Clean-up can be gut anti-aging(2008-04-11 09:28:15)
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Some people say that people have three age groups, namely, physical age, mental age and intestinal age. Age, mental age and intestinal direct impact on people's appearance, the reason why some people look young, because he has a young, good-intestinal and tolerant soul.

Of age on the psychological impact of a person we all know, but the human impact of age on the intestine may be a lot of people are still unfamiliar with. Intestinal and trees like the fact there is a ring, the ring is the probiotic intestinal accounted for the ratio of the total number of intestinal bacteria. Period in infants and young children, accounting for intestinal probiotics within the intestinal bacteria of about 98% of the total adolescent, there are about 40%, middle age decreased to 10%, to 65 years of age, if the words have nothing to add and conservation , not to 5% of the.

If the lack of human intestinal probiotics, bowel movements will appear abnormal toxins will stay for too long and therefore be re-absorbed, and then on the heart, brain, kidney, liver and other vital organs causing damage. Probiotics in the gut can also activate the body cells of a variety of antioxidant enzymes, antioxidants to promote the generation, slow down the aging tissues, regulating endocrine. Therefore, in order to maintain intestinal young, middle age may be appropriate to add probiotics.

Furthermore,But also to develop good habits, defecation time every dayWill gut clean up garbage and timely to prevent the "rubbish" the body "recycling."

Eating, pay attention to the thickness mix with meat and vegetables is beneficial gastrointestinal peristalsis, and the food not to satiety, or gastrointestinal burden of heavy waste, toxins will increase, which will accelerate the aging of the human body.

To set a timetable for water

8 glasses of water a day, it sounds simple, but very difficult to uphold. Health Education in China's famous scientist Professor Jau-ray we recommend a "drinking schedule" to help you easily achieve "drinking water target."

Water schedule

6:30 After a night of sleep, the body began to water, get out of bed before drinking 250 ml of water, can help kidney and liver detoxification.
At 8:30 to get up early to the office from the process, the body virtually will appear dehydration, I got to the office, he give himself a glass of at least 250 ml of water.
11:00 in the office to work for some time, give their own day of the third glass of water, replenish moisture and help to relax tense state of mind.
12:50 spent half an hour after lunch, drink some water, can enhance the body's digestive function.
15:00 refreshing drink mineral water Xingnao health.
17:30 leave the office before work, have another glass of water, increase satiety, eating dinner naturally not eat too much

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