Friday, January 29, 2010

Female menstrual easy to get what disease?

Menstruation, a woman of a physiological phenomenon. Menstrual cramps, indicating the girl had entered puberty. Girls as shy, and often give it a nickname ─ ─ "old friend." The "old friend" with women entering menopause until really can be described as inseparable. However, sometimes it can not really "friends" for away evil spirits from the past who would add a lot of trouble, such as dysmenorrhea, adolescent dysfunctional uterine bleeding and other gynecological disease glassy In addition, it also brings the following trouble.
  Menstruation rash, Which refers to occurred in the menstrual cycle in terms of the rash. In general, rash menstrual cramps 1 to 3 days before the occurrence of menstruation after the end of 1 ~ 2 days to subside. Skin rash occurs mainly on the face, trunk and limbs of the skin, skin lesions manifested as red herpes, urticaria, purpura, pigmentation around the eyes, and sometimes oral and vaginal mucosa ulcers. An individual patient will appear systemic herpes type menstruation rash, but also a serious condition, often accompanied by high fever and general malaise and other symptoms. Not only affect the girl's appearance, eating and walking, but also affected the work, study, life and physical and mental health.
  Menstruation rashIs actually a kind of allergy, menstrual cramps due to ovarian secretion of progesterone levels before the surge occurred in the body caused by allergies. To prevent the occurrence of menstruation rash may have been en-preventive doses of estradiol. When menstruation rash, it can take anti-allergy, if necessary, oral hormones.
  Menstrual anemiaIn recent years, found that many young people are suffering from anemia, in which young girls are particularly prevalent, accounting for about 10% or so. Causes of iron and demand increased, loss of excessive and insufficient intake of iron and other reasons related to. Under normal circumstances the body to absorb iron from food and excretion of iron is basically out of balance. However, the adolescent girl on night due to large amount of iron needed far more than the general requirements, once the insufficient intake of iron, you need to use usually stored in the liver, spleen, bone marrow cells, synthesis of iron in order to ensure the needs. However, this is a temporary measure stress. If a long time, and not timely additional iron supplementation, anemia occurred in short supply Er Zhi. Related to excessive loss of iron with menstruation, typically, each menstrual cycle is about 30 ~ 50 ml blood loss, loss of about 15 ~ 25 mg of iron. As the human body has compensatory function to maintain the relative balance of body iron, so women will not occur because of menstrual cramps and anemia. However, some girl got "adolescent dysfunctional uterine bleeding" after, or menstrual leaching Lek entirely, causing chronic blood loss, or more than menstruation, such as water will, it seems metrorrhagia, resulting in acute massive blood loss, both loss of blood will take away a lot of iron quality, time goes by, anemia. There are a lot of girls in pursuit of "curve beauty" of the slim movements, blindly diet, but also develop picky eaters, the partial eclipse of the bad habits, so that insufficient intake of iron, the results got anemia. So, do not blindly diet, not a partial eclipse, and picky eaters, recipes should be widely more, eat more iron-rich dishes. You can wear some of ferrous sulfate tablets. Got adolescent dysfunctional uterine bleeding should be treated promptly to the Obstetrics and Gynecology.
 Menstrual nasal, Nasal response to ovarian estrogen-sensitive. When menstrual cramps, when about by the secretion of ovarian estrogen levels rise, makes nasal mucosa congestion, swelling, causing nasal congestion. Sometimes there epistaxis (bleeding) that civil-called "inverted by the" modern medicine is known as compensatory menstruation. Menstrual stuffy nose, emerged with the advent of menstruation, menstrual disappear with the end cyclical appear. Stuffy nose, the two fingers can massage both sides of the nose, "Ying Xiang" hole. Severe nasal congestion, shortness of breath, it can trickle down temporarily from 1% ephedrine nose. In the event epistaxis, but also drops 1% ephedrine, if necessary, nostrils squeezed cotton ball to hemostasis. Severe bleeding, the bleeding method is invalid to the hospital for facial features should be handled.
  Menstrual edemaSome girl in the menstrual period appeared swollen, location and extent of edema varies, but more obvious over the eyelids. Upper eyelid swelling, bright light, patients have a heavy flu, severe eyelid looks like "silkworms." Facial edema who have facial tension feel. When his fingers swollen fingers, swollen feeling, thus affecting the flexibility of the fingers. Swollen feet, so that the patient was wearing shoes bear feet, hand pressing the skin dorsal foot and ankle can occur when the depression. If the abdominal wall and abdominal organs edema, there will be a sense of abdominal swelling, weight gain and decreased urine output. Gastrointestinal tract edema, there will be loss of appetite or diarrhea. Pelvic organ edema, which can cause lower abdominal pain or a sense of falling. This swelling, in the premenstrual and reached the peak after the arrival urine through the increase in swelling to reduce. Generated by the pre-swelling is the result of premenstrual estrogen levels rise so that sodium and water retention. Prevention approach is a light diet, reducing salt intake. Appeared swollen, the available oral diuretics to increase urine discharge, reducing edema.
Some girl in the menstrual period, the mouth, the nose appeared around herpes simplex. This is because normally hidden in the respiratory tract and mouth virus to take advantage of the body during menstruation resistance decline, caused trouble. After menstruation, non-medical self-healing.

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