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Sex in space is facing four major problems

Sex in space is facing four major problems(2008-04-20 11:28:55)
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According to the American World Journal reported that among the Stars in the universe to enjoy adult sexual, seductive infinite reverie. Today, the space tourism industry is also ready to go ahead, even the honeymoon have accepted the booking of space, and space inside the "sex" more and more real, the parties experts have begun to seriously think about this issue and they found that there are many, one of which found to be: in outer space, man's "little brother" become smaller.

Write a book a few years ago astronomers broke the news that the United States Space Administration (NASA) has had 10 kinds of space shuttle experiment with sexual intercourse position, NASA repeated sternly denied. Today, NASA's policy to "do not ask, do not mention tacit." "Space Frontier Foundation," 23 held in 2006 "New Space" seminar, NASA physicist talk about Luo Gan straight to the point of space can be regarded as an indirect representative of NASA's latest discoveries in these areas.

Space Law, who did not want to try? But Luo Gan cold water, saying that based on the physical conditions of outer space, space adult sexual big easy, practical difficulties include:

1. Compared to the Earth, in space, sex, may be "both hot and wet," because there is no zero-gravity convection to distribute body heat, but also in micro-gravity under the most likely to sweat, these factors add up, sexual intoxicated occasion, you may sweat a river.

2. Zero-gravity, the freedom is not easy to close to each other, the two must be fixed with special tape, but also specially designed zippers, special training, is very trouble.

3. Micro-gravity to lower blood pressure, leading to a man's genitals slightly reduced, people may care about the size of sweeping.

4. Outer space motion sickness will even be able to act, it should not be too with sexual foreplay particular restraint, or may not be the next "drama" to sing.

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