Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mature 10 major characteristic of the real scent of a woman

The so-called "Mature" is refers to 30 women after the age of maturity, they still have one more warm crimson name, that is, "sister," such as Nicholas Tse had been right in terms of Faye Wong ... ... In fact, the "Mature" unwelcome phenomenon in Japan and USA and other developed countries raise a lot of sociologists and psychologists of curiosity and concern.

If only from the perspective of pure feminine beauty, of course, the younger is better, but "Mature" of experience, wisdom, warmth, and even by the historical accumulation of fat exudes charm, so that infinite yearning for a man, some people call it "ripe apple aroma deep" rather than superficial flow fragrant flowers.

Now men are too weak, they are more eager to embrace the fullness. "Mature" compassionate gentle man can ease mental pressure and depression, have a good effect more fruit.

Indeed, Mature unwelcome on the "Sassy Girl," a reactionary, they are spacious, quiet, sexy, full of love, suggested that this is a small evil mischief "for Girls" by the lack.

Country's most talented and most proud of the best taste of male stars, I personally think that course ought to Jiang, it was photographed with his partner Vicki Zhao theater, said he liked old mature female.

As political journalists, diplomats and multinational high-level Yeying never seem to have the opportunity to showcase their Innocent Steps in the top stage beauty, she is the idol worship of countless men, she has been "very familiar very familiar" the. She has a saying popular among college students enthusiastically: "I am very short skirt and my high heels!"

Indeed, one pay attention to glamor, self-confident Mature is a female model for our times, why should honestly face and lamented the passage of time? Maturity is also a kind of capital, is this not a kind of sexy? Remember that sentence: "In any case I've always been like!" Sometimes, due to the power of faith in such a simple sentence.

This is a "big sister" to defeat the "little crush" era, because they have the following 10 capital:

 1. Coquettish

This is an absolute term meaning pot, with customs, remains charming related, little girls may be very romantic, but it is a mature woman practicing coquetry years after exudes a kind of bouquet. Not imitate, do not study, this will take time, flowers are easy to Xie, the only fruit that we can gradually enjoy.

2. The power of motherhood

Actress sex scandal can only be curious, but the pregnant actress is laudable, it is a kind of hard to explain social and psychological, and even then the "bad" and Madonna are maternal great hair, she said, funny kids happy, in fact gain the whole world's heart!

 3. Taste Women

Zhang Ziyi Gong Li is more than good-looking small on the 1st, more charming, the key is that Gong Li is more feminine (feminine blog, feminine Well).

4. Elegant

Little girl falling out of love, and may be throwing things would be crying, as if the whole world be destroyed, so you'd rather die. But I have seen such a Mature, her deal with their own "Chen Shimei", is so elegant sentence: You take care, please bring the door.

 Five. Noble

CoCo Chanel in Hong Kong's image as the representative, yet leaving a lot of Ming-yuan is not satisfied, because she though, "best in the world Nice Bottom," said, but her temperament is part of series or swimsuit line of jeans, there are a number of US - , really only a more mature, such as Carina Lau Shu-Jing, etc. before they can wear on the body, and Chuchudongren to interpret.

6. Independence of America

This is a new woman who's most dazzling Chinese clothes, do not rely on, not a battle to win a Rose coquetry, their value is what you have, rather than to men what is available.

7. Scalding considerate

Mature women who will be tolerant, caring person, "sister" role, and naturally will be bound by her words and deeds, a powerful soft, broad, positive, warm heart. Perhaps the little girl will pull out his hand to let others, more mature women know how to reach out and pat the dust off your shoulders, or tidy up your collar. Movements are simple, but coherent, very good.

8. Yang in

Heart is rich in temperament to win, extremely resistant to reading. Flower is to look at, while the mature woman's beauty is used to read. Could not see her beautiful people shallow, read out the charm of her people happy, and this feeling of enduring. Attend from the inside to the outside will make a woman exudes a kind of ineffable charm, she was not pretentious, no packaging, filled with authentic manner and form a kind of atmosphere.

9. The most understand the nature of happiness

Some studies suggest that most women after the age of 30 can truly enjoy sexual pleasure, when the woman would not rather nature of the sexual needs of women include a lot of emotional needs.

10. Best confidante

Mature women, are generally competent and wide avenues, so did her friends, you will win her help; mature women, will hurt people, but more subtle, she is a soul catcher, but the reason they told her, Do not impulse. Therefore, mature women are men, the best lady friends, Zhilengzhire, but I know that sense of propriety sure you care, but does not give you an excuse to give you moving, but will not let you get too excited. Small beauty is often handled badly the furnace, the results become flammable, very dangerous.

If only from the perspective of pure feminine beauty, of course, the younger is better, but the Mature of experience, wisdom, warmth, and even the fat accumulated by the subtle fragrance exudes all the charm of an infinite yearning for a man, it was called "ripe apple strong smell, "rather than the superficial flow of fragrant flowers.

Indeed, Mature unwelcome on the "Sassy Girl," a reactionary, they are spacious, quiet, sexy, full of love, suggested that this is a small evil mischief "as a woman" by the very lack

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