Saturday, January 30, 2010

Do not refuse sexual life of cancer patients

Many cancer patients believe that their own weak constitution, fearing sexual life would increase the patient's condition will take more than abstinence.

In fact, cancer patients not only the appropriate sex life will not be "worse", but is to promote the rehabilitation of a "good medicine." According to the World Anti-Cancer Center survey, cancer patients after treatment, an active sex life than those without recurrence rate of those who were low sex life. At the same time, the length of survival time of cancer patients treated only with relevant in a large extent also depends on survival of patients have a firm belief and courage, while the comfort and affection between husband and wife even greater strength.

In fact, there are a number of reasons can cause tumors or sex, which apart from malignant lesions of the findings of its own, chemical medicine, surgery and other treatment and patients in the anxiety, fear and despair, can virtually increase the patient's sexual indifference .

In addition to patients with tumor surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy during the poor physical condition should temporarily stop sexual life, the recovery period in patients, as long as spontaneous sexual desire, can make the appropriate sex life.

Cancer patients how to control the frequency and timing of sexual life? It depends on condition, age, physical, mental state and nutritional status such as the case may be. General surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy during the period may be suspended due to physical exertion greater sex life, rehabilitation, sexual desire as long as you can during the appropriate sex life. As for the sex life of a modest, it should be controlled by patients not to feel backache, dizziness, fatigue is appropriate.

Of course, because of physical strength and resistance to cancer patients in poor, is vulnerable to external bacteria or pathogens. Therefore, the health aspects of sexual life should be more attention than usual. Such as regular cleaning vulva, such as the use of condoms to avoid adverse effects.

Since cancer is not transmitted through sexual activity, and therefore do not have a spouse that there are concerns about infection, on the contrary they should be happy to accept sexual life, so that the other party to maintain a good mood, which will greatly benefit cancer patients

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