Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kissing, simple and useful method of weight loss

A lot of people lose weight their brains, but there is a simple way you tried to do? That is a daily one-minute kiss, so that pain can play a magical role in weight loss!

According to Russia's "Pravda" on December 11 reported that researchers at the University of St. Petersburg, Russia to pass the test found that kissing can stabilize cardiovascular activity, prevent high blood pressure, lower cholesterol, but as long as the kissing three times a day, every 20 seconds, perseverance you can play the efficacy of weight loss.

The researchers point out that kissing a person's mouth will secrete a lot of saliva, and saliva contains large amounts of calcium and phosphorus, so they can protect teeth against decay, but also can reduce the risk of gingival inflammation. In addition, the kiss can be beauty, because it will affect the face Kiss 30 muscles, promote blood circulation, makes the face skin smoother.

In addition, kissing and even analgesic effect, since saliva contains a pain ingredients, the more passionate kiss, saliva secretion the more. Therefore, scientists have joked that when feeling pain, you can not eat painkillers, as long as enjoy kissing just fine

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