Sunday, January 10, 2010

How much water should be consumed daily?

With the arrival of the summer, exercise, heat, dehydration such words often appear in our minds, we can usually what you really need to drink much water?

In accordance with the UK Food Standards Agency says, we need 6-8 cups a day of "liquid" --- about 1.2 liters. This can help you drinking the amount of normal metabolism, such as to maintain normal body temperature, protection of sensitive organizations (such as the vertebral column and the larger the brain fluid consumption) is working properly. The key is "liquid" is the word, because the physical, this can include tea, coffee, melons, fruit juice, diet or standard fizzy drinks, and even to some extent, and many other drinks from alcohol to get.

Scientists say there is no convincing medical studies have shown that a large number of drinking water will help to eliminate toxins that the kidney, improve complexion, reduce your appetite or frequency of headaches. However, to ensure proper water volume is the best way to resist the body's water --- this principle is suitable for everyone, including those involved in sports and running a marathon enthusiasts.

While the amateur players tend to believe that the longer the time to run the water you drink should be more, but the fact is that excessive drinking would endanger the health of many players, and even make it lethal. Sports nutritionist Jane Griffin explained: "In a few cases, some amateur marathon runner died of excessive drinking, it is because excess water will drain on the body's sodium level. So drink isotonic sports drinks are the best choice because it provides sodium to help prevent that. "

Is very simple, if you are not thirsty, do not feel the need to drink water. "No matter for the athletes or non-athletes, once you are thirsty as evidenced by a lack of water." Experts say this is wrong. Thirst can only be as a measure of young and old water standards. For restless children, we need special care: Whether it is the official sports competitions, or a school football match, or in parks or gardens chase slapstick, are true. Because they are easier to dehydration and overheating. This is either because they sweat less during exercise, hot, but the excitement of playing vigor did not make them realize that they are thirsty. Or even if they realize that thirsty, but because of fierce competition themselves, they do not drink.

As the sports nutritionist Anita Bean, said a child up to one hour of physical activity will consume an average of 350-700ml of fluid, if the weather will be more hot and humid. In the children's activities, where the first one-hour intervals three times so that they can water, a total of not more than 100ml, then by their own drinking, until they no longer felt thirsty so far. This will be to ensure that they exercise when the water demand of the. With age, we will reduce the sensitivity of thirst, and therefore more aware of the importance of drinking water laws. Tea can help achieve this, while milk protein and calcium will also provide additional nutrients, of course, is water.

Water is the best drink. First of all, the most important thing is that it does not provide any extra calories. For example, in the United States more than one fifth of the daily energy intake comes from beverages, if instead of drinking water will be reduced by a considerable portion of calorie intake. In addition, the water does not contain caffeine, sugar, fat, of course, drink the tap water, then even if the benefits of the.

To sum up, we do not need to drink 2 liters of water a day, but we must ensure that it is the drink of our daily intake of the greatest.

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