Friday, January 15, 2010

Woman to appeal must be maintained 10 positions

Hair, breast, reproductive system, etc. is a woman of the most important ten parts of the body, women can delay aging, happiness health and maintenance of these major parts of a huge link. From now on, clinging to the 10 positions, and let your charisma and leave behind.

1, the hair

Jet-black hair looks beautiful if inappropriate care, may become the body of other diseases. If the number of women's hair for more than 12 times a year, that she was suffering from lymphoma, the probability of never dyed their hair than the females 26%. Hair not more than twice a year; scalp wound, suffering from chronic diseases, be pregnant or not pregnant women have hair.

Two eyes

Puberty, menstrual period, pregnancy, menopause ... ... "Vision crisis" almost throughout their lives, women. Adolescence, as the physical development of myopia would be better; menstrual people can easily produce eye fatigue, blurred vision and other phenomena; during pregnancy can cause night blindness due to nutritional deficiencies, multiple neuritis, optic papilla Yandeng; menopause is inseparable with the presbyopic .

3, nose

According to statistics, total nasal inhale and exhale a day 15,000 liters of air. As a result, the nasal mucosa and nasal cilia will naturally deposited a large number of bacteria, and may make a cold, asthma, bacteria invade the human body. When the female menstrual blood components due to changes in the relatively poor immunity, respiratory infections more easily. During this period, should stay away from heavy pollution areas or too cold, hot environment.

4, skin

Chemicals added to cosmetics, the skin is often fragile; the sun is even more difficulties faced by the skin. UV is a major factor in causing skin cancer, and skin and skin cancer is closely related. Blue eyes, red hair than dark-skinned people more likely to major skin cancer.

5, breast

Breasts are the most vulnerable position of women - sex life, men are too rowdy behavior may affect the breast blood circulation and also make abortion increase breast cancer risk, even too much lace and nylon material of the bra can lead to lactation barriers. From start to wear bras first, we should choose cotton.

6, heart

Weight ups and downs so that women are a greater threat to the heart. If the women's year, weight loss or increase more than 10 pounds, it would be significant damage to the heart. However, progressive weight loss, then the health benefits.

7, bladder and kidney

The bladder and kidneys. Female bladder is also a troubled land, 20% of women will experience a short life cystitis. Drink plenty of water is the key to the prevention of bladder inflammation. Should ensure that drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day, every other two or three hours to urinate once; wear cotton underwear, otherwise they will obstruct air flow into and breed bacteria.

8, arm and wrist

Due to frequent keyboarding, send text messages, these two sites are more vulnerable to the effects of osteoporosis. Although osteoporosis and gender are not necessarily linked, but the elderly, women, osteoporosis, accounted for 60% -70%, especially females 5-10 years after menopause, annual bone loss rate of 2% -4%.

9, reproductive system

About 25 million women a year worldwide die of cervical cancer, the age-concentrated in the 25-45 years of age! Therefore, the experts advise women after the age of 25 is necessary to conduct regular medical examination reproductive system. In daily life, if you find yourself on the secretions of underwear is not normal, such as increased Leucorrhea or smell, local itching, pain, a timely diagnosis and treatment. At the same time, women have to make family planning in advance to avoid repeated abortions.


Infertile women had increased risk of colorectal cancer risk, in addition, long-term consumption of high-fat, high-protein foods can also lead to colorectal cancer from occurring.

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