Friday, December 18, 2009

Hepatitis B can marry his girlfriend in the end

Now many people have a fear of hepatitis B, together with the community some inappropriate publicity, many people are even afraid of contact with the hepatitis B patients, not to mention friends, marriage and so on. So, how to correctly treat hepatitis B patients, especially boys, how to correctly treat your girlfriend does hepatitis B? Here to talk about in several ways:

First, the prevalence of:

China currently has 120 million carriers of hepatitis B and hepatitis B as many of them women, about 4 to 5 million. If so many girls are unable to make friends, marriage, birth, then, while increasing the number of bachelors in China.

2, hepatitis B and hepatitis B virus carriers of the distinction:

Many people confuse these two concepts, that as long as was found HBSAG (+) is the hepatitis. In fact, they have a great difference, the real hepatitis B on clinical symptoms, abnormal liver function repeated about half a year, while non-uniform B-Spot, hepatitis B markers positive or HBV-positive patients with variant strains of hepatitis B carriers there are no clinical symptoms, and only hepatitis B markers positive, extra fine and normal liver function B for more than six months to a year for many years without seizures.

3, hepatitis B infectious to his girlfriend?

Girlfriend infectious viral replication depends on the size of the case may be, at the same time look at the size of the man's resistance. Man if that is immune antibody HB-SAB (+), would not be infected. Immune antibody-negative can be injected with hepatitis B vaccine for prevention.

4, hepatitis B girlfriend will spread to family members, colleagues and friends?

No. Hepatitis B is transmitted disease rather than the respiratory tract digestive tract transmitted diseases, ie, Hepatitis B is transmitted through body fluid. The so-called bodily fluids, including blood type containing the hepatitis B virus, the use of dirty syringes, dental extraction apparatus used have hepatitis B virus and so on. Only hepatitis B virus into the blood, and before transmission.

If you talk face to face with the hepatitis B patients, their saliva with bacteria attached to the normal human body has broken place, and entered the blood, normal people are likely to be infected with HBV. Under normal circumstances, eat what is not caused by hepatitis B infection.

5, Can hepatitis B girlfriend get married? 

From the medical point of view, as long as his girlfriend is not in a period or incidence of hepatitis has not been diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, can get married, if his girlfriend is only healthy carriers of hepatitis B, you better get married. As for speaking in front of an example of why I still split up, they need from other sources to find why.


Six, with Hepatitis B married his girlfriend, can let pregnancy? 

If the girlfriend of acute hepatitis B and the stabilization of the basic cure for more than 6 months, chronic hepatitis, up to improve standards and a stable for more than a year, can let pregnancy.


7, there is the wife of hepatitis B have children, the virus passed to children?

At present, hepatitis B prevention is more comprehensive and successful, as long as the liver disease prevention under the guidance of doctors, namely, pregnant women and newborns to implement the "three block" --- newborns within 24 hours of birth and timely injection of high titer hepatitis B immunoglobulin protein, followed by 2,3,5 months and then were injected with hepatitis B vaccine, can effectively prevent the infection of hepatitis B virus, the success rate of 95% or more, that is, more than 95% of newborns will not be infected with HBV.

In short, hepatitis B patients need people to understand, to support, hepatitis B to redouble his girlfriend need to care for her boyfriend


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