Monday, December 14, 2009

Winter, most likely a woman committed four taboos

To get up early or shampoo

Many people prefer fresh Shuang-ching go to work, so have been busy getting up early in the morning wash your hair, washing hurriedly get to work.


I know, early in the morning low temperatures, if the hair is not completely dry, the head opening up the pores, moisture retention in the scalp, it's very vulnerable to cold, which causes the common cold. Often the case can also make local produce numbness of the scalp, causing headache. Therefore, before 9:00 Do not wash your hair, wash your hair if you must get up early, be sure to fully dry out again, avoiding Han Xie and humidity take advantage of.

Chang-Tu lipstick oil

Lip balm is that many people carry a winter must have "weapons" when something happens between nothing pulls it out and wiping lips, with more than ten times a day is also not unusual. In fact, the frequent use of lip balm can only make the lips more you use the more dry. Lip gloss coated lips, as if to the lips wore a "gown", if the frequency of use over the frequency, dosage too much, it will hinder the normal metabolism of epidermal cells lips, so that reduction of sebaceous gland secretion, lips more dry, peeling . Furthermore, some lip balm contains glycerin composition, there are locks of water features, but if more than a certain concentration, but easy to siphon off water on the lips. More importantly, the excessive use of lip balm makes lips mucosal barrier itself a reduced ability to be more vulnerable to a variety of diseases lips. Some sensitivity to a person's lips may trigger inflammation, such as recurrent cheilitis. Lip balm moisture in general could take more than 4 hours or so, it is best not to smear the day more than 3 times, and preferably choose to add the pigment of the colorless lip balm. In addition, the use of lip balm can only serve as a complementary tool, while others repeated dry lips, peeling and other symptoms of metabolic abnormalities is likely that the digestive system, or the body of vitamin B, should therefore be Eat less greasy, multi-eat radish , hawthorn and other things that help to digest, you can also eat more oranges, oranges, carrots and other vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin.

Wash your face with hot water

Cold weather, and wash your face with hot water washing feel very comfortable, available hot water wash is doing is not conducive to the maintenance of the face. Because the winter's facial capillaries in the cold sweat glands stimulated by contraction in the case of hot water will be rapidly expanding, and so the heat is over, the low temperature re-acting on the face, capillaries will return to the status quo ante, so that a 1 reduction , easy to skin wrinkling. Therefore, the morning is best to use cold water wash, cold to exercise capacity. That the use of hot water wash, but also a maximum of once a day, and the wash should be immediately after the coated skin care, who are able to do facial massage regular exercise, increase blood circulation.


Jian Touxie make feet look smaller, many women's favorite. Can be cold in winter, if the shoes narrow shoes first Youjian You walk, the body's center of gravity will tilt forward so that the blood circulation foot poor, a long time, and foot blisters on the skin will be damaged or long, it is difficult pain forbearance. Therefore, the winter should choose loose shoes, if you like to wear Jian Touxie can be a pair of flat shoes in the office ready to go home in time change into slippers.

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