Tuesday, December 8, 2009

10 fashion women's health care new tactics

These 10 methods, are some you may not know, or knew but did not pay attention to the health care, but very effective tactics, such as sunbathing or washing hair removal wax, you need to pay attention the details of what is healthy, on vacation, and Foot What are good ideas when brilliant idea? Just look at these 10 stylish new tactics to bar! You will become the most fashionable of the most healthy younger generation!

  1、Wash sunbathing, make the hair coated hairSunOil rather than theHairAgent conditioner to cope with hot and humid but it can not cope with hot and dry. Heat of the sun coupled with conditioner grease, enough to be able to scorch your hair.

  2、Taken before using the hair removal wax hair removal wax in the use analgesics 40 minutes before taking analgesics, with the hair removal wax hair removal when you will not feel hurt.

  3、Prevention Shao Baitou eat containVitaminsBçš„Food. Appears next to the temple hair is a sign of inadequate intake of such food.

  4、Barefoot walking, which helps to exercise the foot structure 20 of the 26 bones and muscles. Note that the time to go before the heel, the last turn of the toes.

  5、Do not use the day before vacationAlopeciaWax removal especially hairy legs intend to go to the beach resort, we must advance the use of hair removal wax, because the skin need to go through 48 hours of recovery time, and if you have a sudden the skin exposed to sunlight, it can cause the skin produce lumps.

  6、Do not just run out ofBikiniWax on the waterSwimmingThe best way is to wait three days later into the water. Because the pool of water contains a lot of chlorine, will have just the bikini line hair removal had an allergic reaction and redness.

  7、Note that in the sun to protect hair dyeing have heard of a girl's hair in the pool turning green? Were true. If you dyed your hair, it is necessary to use waterproof sunscreen oils and products containing UV rays filtering componentsShampooWater to protect the hair color.

  8、Seize those naughty hair if you want to body hair removal (either where the) have encountered a die-hard "guy," then the tip of the tweezers and put some concealer (clear plastic?), It does help you seize those naughty "guy" so that you can effortlessly put them uprooted.

  9、With banana and avocado "Mask"To dry hairMoistureWill be ripe banana plus 1 tablespoon almond oil smashed together, and then used to massage the hair (dry hair wet hair can). Twenty minutes later clean, you will have a beautiful shiny hair.

  10、To protect the foot lotion made: The 45 milliliters (3 tablespoon) salt and 250 ml (1 cup) almond oil mixed into a paste with water. And then they massage your feet with this object, and then washed away. Then it delves into some aloe vera cream painted feet, so that your toes even more beautiful.

Repair cracked heels: no restrictions on wearing slippers and sandals to help the time, because the action will increase the drag of the cracked heel and wanted to have super smooth legs, or wear a full set of bar with a gang. With the above-mentioned detergent to scrub your feet, then wrapped inInsuranceMembrane and then put on socks. Let us look at the last two hours of television, and then washed his feet

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