Friday, December 25, 2009

Woman Han most impressed by the local men?

Personalized Man Woman attachment

Just love had never been seen, these appear to be useful to send are in fact does not necessarily the lingua franca of the Wanyi Er. Most commonly, tie and belt, is very close, there is a 24-hour track feel. However, suits and ties, grace pointed out repeatedly, but a lot of women to men perfection expectations, usually Natiao valuable tie is of no little use, and why? Because it may be inappropriate style, may be even worse he did not suit. What is the root ribbon tied to send a man's heart is purely a woman's face did not love the performance of self-confidence. And now the men bother to bring the majority of every day understanding of girls on the outside, if we all thought it necessary to send tie belt, he was not rare then! Too much inventory.

Therefore, the initial gifts to the men or the hyperactive brain, a little creativity, but not necessarily practical, such as what to send him a pair of high heels, custody, he will never forget.

In some crucial time, give a man what the gift is important to send. Now times have progressed, women have for men to spend money. So, do not single-minded waiting for him to send things to impress your heart, we have to interact Well. From the good feeling of the occasion to determine the relationship between love, and are advised to send valuable gifts for men, it is best that he is ready to purchase things, like expensive sound. This year, hit men, determined to get the money. Map What? Figure he you do not have the psychological burden, to take to tell him how much you are independent, of course, refers to economic independence. In fact, Well, is called the son could not bear to set Buzhao wolf. Za Zhong, and he does not keep you forever?

Then, it's time to meet the man's appetite, and eating other people's soft in the mouth. If you want every day to hear someone say, "I love you" three words, we must properly waited on his stomach had. In fact, men are not difficult to take care, if you let him develop the habit of eating snacks at the meeting. I have a friend, recently marked fat, because he fell in love with the downstairs snack takeaway shop to send the little girl.

 Personality captured a man a woman

- To send a man gives a woman something, speaking of precious, speaking mind. To send something to the men and women, pay attention to are mostly practical. As for the practical extent of the relationship between two people depends on the degree of intimacy. If two people close relations, that is the best time for a woman captured a man! You have to do is to guide consumption. Do you let him drink a regular brand of mineral water; with a taste of shampoo; wear a color of underwear; to use special condoms. Sent him these things, did not spend any money, but you can let him have got used to cultivate the habit of a certain thing, he can not be separated so as to achieve your objective.

He always wanted to break up with her, but everything around to remind him of her presence. The body of the jeans, is her first trip to Hong Kong, bought; your favorite pieces of checked shirt and that is when they went shopping together to buy. There are brown wool socks, key parts of a doll pattern underwear. He has tried to leave her things, all thrown away, but the buy back, or the same color, same style. It turned out that she was one of his long life down a murderous scheme, so that his life he lived under her warmth, or shadow.

 Be a man confused and disoriented woman

He can not do without you to be a woman, to be a man so disoriented woman, women know what they want and they will know in a timely manner to express that she needs. Therefore, the result is often that a woman wish fulfilled. Here, we list the 10 features:

 1, maintain an independent

Whether she is one of the company's CEO, or a restaurant hostess, were insignificant. She has the most genuine life. She has her own honor, and she did not make it go and beg for a living.

2, non-entangled each other

The stars, the moon and the sun have their own trajectory, and similarly, she will not be around him round and round. When her constellation metaphor shows him moving away from her Mercury, Venus, she no longer dating him. He or she would not watch him struggle. He is not the center of the universe.

3, a mysterious and unpredictable

Integrity and frankly there is a difference. She is honest, but it does not mean that she needs to confess everything. She also does not clearly and simply put their cards on the table. She knew the past is just as rude - all too familiar lack of respect for the seeds will be planted, and even planted the seeds of tired.

4, she would allow him to hurry a bit more tolerable

She do not need to see him every night, nor on his long phone message left on. Her name is not his secretary arranged a week plan first. In fact, men were also eager to love. The feelings of desire, but also very good.

  5, would not let him see his own Lang Beixiang

She is not thinking of chaos as far as possible when the exchange with him, but also try to avoid upset when communicating with him. And so on his mind when sober, and then expressed in a concise manner.

6, self-organize their time to

She deliberately slow down, especially when he can not wait the time. The rhythm of her own act, rather than each other's footsteps, the purpose is to prevent by his mercy.

7, she maintained a sense of humor

Her humor can feel the other side of her independent thinking. However, she would not laugh at him, nor will he does not respect.

8, she was very self-confident

When he compliments her, she would say, "Thank you." She was not going to stop him praise. She will not ask his former girlfriend's appearance, it will not work with jealousy over other women.

9, her passion for certain things more than he needs

When he felt that she is not for him, "Once you have, do not want nothing," when he thought she was full of charm. Because there are things to be busy, so she would not see him and angrily ran. In her mind he had no privileges, not made "fixed parking spaces," there is no "exclusive access." He got, but next to the "carpark" and a "temporary parking" only.

10, she cherished her body

Her focus on their appearance and health. A man how to maintain his / her looks, can reflect the extent of their self-esteem. If he told her that he did not like red lipstick, and this lipstick letting her feel good, she will still use.

Individual woman to be a bar, firmly grasp the man's heart, when you are a man's heart was seized, you will not be smart and personalized for their own pride in it, seize the men is not just rely on an informed MANAGEMENT, but also has its own personality, such a woman, is the most attractive!

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