Friday, December 25, 2009

10 years later, still relatively young 33 tips

How to remain youthful decade later? Thoroughly to avoid and stay away from all these violations of the implicit into the ravine Youlin Happy regimen does not seem realistic, we are constantly exploring and finding only truly effective way to protect themselves and refused to sully the time and erosion. Health approach is a very important point, of course, to look at to keep the younger secrets.

1, 5 big main skin care tips

1, first of all we propose, we should have an ideal proper skin care procedures, skin care plays an important role; and long-term use of high-quality skin care products is the secret of beautiful skin.

2, Nutrition: you should determine your own skin, what type of hair and fingernails. But the nursing own skin-care products to pay attention to what adverse reactions.

3, moisture: Do not let the skin dry, often water. Drink almost two liters of water a day. Daily bathing and skin care.

4, sleep: to ensure that sleep patterns of life is good for the immediate resumption of mental and physical.

5, the example of some celebrities skin care and maintenance of the Road.

Second, the details of youth care tips

6, Face Care: Face massage the skin from the bottom up, sooner or later each time.

7, pay attention to the neck of the care, use the essence of the sub-categories and more oily skin cream to control neck and a clear cross striations.

8, before going out with a hot towel at attaining, activated blood vessels, easing wrinkles.

9, smear some products containing vitamin C to keep looking rosy, if not also the spirit of lipstick.

10, smearing cream, do not ignore the stains around the eyes, otherwise they will deepen over time.

11, need to use nutritional nail cream, to prevent yellowing.

Third, make-up tips of young

12, glossy color: make-up when you do not use a color darker than the foundation.

13, if the color is too bright, will appear to face very much oil, so do not wipe too much foundation, or only make wrinkles more pronounced.

14, used to avoid the cold or too dark colors. Bronze will make people look very pale, while the darker red mouth lips will look thinner.

15, minimize the use of eye shadow, eye shadow first, then eye cream to prevent eye injuries.

16, if the eye make-up of good, then the eyes will become more apparent of his voice, but caution should pay attention to the use of green eye shadow.

17, make-up when used in the bags under the eyes pale concealer below, in the uplift has cast a dark concealer Department, fuzzy uplift and Dixian the boundaries, cover bags under the eyes.

18, the right hairstyle: short hair will make wrinkles appear more pronounced, even more old. So it can stay shoulder-length hair, slightly cut some level, it is natural.

 Fourth, the spirit of the young tips

19, to stay in shape, bloated body and whole body fat will make you look doddering.

20, encountered acquaintances greeted each other, they should straighten the body, to maintain posture and mental outlook, the other party would vote to appreciate the vision.

21, avoiding contact with those who have more contact with naturally upbeat, so as not to affect their mood.

22, to maintain their fresh new things to the outside world, there is the attitude towards life and mood can people look filled with energy.

23, do not deliberately imitate the words of those young students trying to make himself younger. Young and naive, there is a difference.

 5, the young tips of small TIPS

24, covered with gauze or cotton moisturizing essence solution or water deposited on the face for 20 minutes, let your skin drink in the overnight water saturation.

25, eye fatigue: Use a fresh spoon immersed in warm water, then placed on the eyelids for 5 minutes, until the temperature of metal spoon slowly cooled, such a simple procedure to restore fatigue is complete.

26, insisted to do some eye care exercises, you can try at the office or before going to bed.

27, Lip Care: The toothbrush James honey coated lips, retain 2 minutes.

28, in the use of care before going to sleep balm, moisturizing lip around the rear Apply and to pat means a little massage, so that the proliferation of smooth lips produce results.

6, anti-aging a good habit of

29, aromatic skin therapy call: to maintain adequate sleep, and neck massage with peppermint oil.

30, adhere to good and regular habits, bedtime less water, empty doing the eye massage to reduce baggy eyes, keep eyes reveal secrets of age.

31, a week do a facial scrub particles, or using some acid skin care products, or use exfoliating cream to get rid of the aging cutin, so that reply shiny skin.

32, insist on going out every day use sunscreen, the sun's UVA is the culprit leading to skin aging, sun protection should be consistently and efficiently.

33, adhere to eat vitamins, which contain vitamin C, E cabbage, cucumbers, peanuts, etc., help to weaken and break down the formation of melanin have been.

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