Sunday, December 6, 2009

Six major health habits extra points for your life

When the first wrinkles quietly climbed up to your forehead, you will surprise, surprise attack on aging has already begun? Here to tell you six very effective method, if put them into your habits, your life will be extended for at least extended.

Switch off mobile phones while driving

Survey shows that traffic accidents led to 18 to 35-year-old American women between the leading cause of death, therefore, should concentrate on driving, seat belt at any time. U.S. researchers say a car while driving, using cell phone chatter to say the non-stop 20-year-old young man, their response capabilities and 70-year-old almost. Whether you call using hands-free mode is true, because the driver in conversation, consuming energy will weaken their ability to drive a car.

Therefore, driving when you turn off your cell phone bar, what is more important than life it? Of course, in order to keep the wheels they have been hurt, let alone drinking.

Vitamin A supplement can not be indiscriminately

Generally speaking, as long as a balanced nutritional intake, we can get from food full of vitamins, no extra supplement. But to achieve this balance is not easy, so the phenomenon of vitamin deficiency is also more common. For those who do not eat breakfast, eating disorders in adults, weight loss, as well as vegetarians, the additional amount of vitamins is beneficial.

Are divided into two kinds of water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins, after taking water-soluble vitamins can be excreted with the urine, generally do not cause poisoning; fat-soluble vitamins including vitamin A, vitamin E, etc. If the additional excessive, highly toxic . Vitamin A for adults more than 500,000 units of a dosage can cause acute poisoning; consecutive overdose a few weeks, can lead to chronic poisoning, but also lead to brain pressure is increased, headache, vomiting, lethargy and severe peeling and other symptoms. Therefore, it seems like the savior of the vitamin can not just indiscriminately fill.

Perfect love to help you detoxify

Many studies have shown that when people in love and be loved, to play an important role in immune function of T-cells in the best, most exciting, most healthy and vigorous state, the virus would likely to cause disease can not be solved by creating a T-cell immune barriers. New York University Center after many years of research found that: a happy sex life for many diseases, such as headaches, back problems, depression, have a good mitigation and inhibition, and can strengthen the immune system function, relieve pain, relieve stress, the mental health is also quite good. Meanwhile, the sex of the negative emotional detoxification can be growth-promoting joy, light, excitement, and other positive emotions, and to the entire physical system is in a good state of relaxed, conducive to the regeneration of bodily functions.

Therefore, some experts said that orgasm is a natural analgesic, which enables the body to relax quickly, helping to eliminate insomnia. Love life more happy, and the more easy to sleep after you wake up refreshed.

Favorite joke to share to others

Live laugh and has long been proven in practice it is rare for healthy vitamins. World Health Organization on health identified 10 criteria, including robust physical, psychological integrity and good attitude towards three main areas, while the laughter is only able to cover these three areas of "all" master.

To laugh, because of the role of breathing, the lungs shrink, the blood oxygen content would be higher, so laughter is an ideal exercise for the heart and blood circulation, suffering from myocardial infarction, very effective in the treatment of cancer patients. In addition, the happy laughter when the issue will enable the body to produce more immune substances, can effectively eliminate the disease. Xiao also increase people's sense of pleasure, happiness, the kind of weaken the defense system to eliminate the bad feelings for the treatment of nervous system diseases, very effective.

Therefore, efforts to study the humor into life, try to use a smile to face all the more interesting to read some jokes, and tell it to people around you to listen to all health benefit.

Lot of nutritional supplements of lycopene

American Association for Cancer Research Conference that lycopene has a good anti-cancer role of the Conference recommended as anti-cancer foods and tomatoes. Recent study found that lycopene in the skin can prevent UV-induced pigmentation, black spots, etc. In addition, lycopene is by far, the strongest ability found in the elimination of free radicals of carotenoids, and its anti - oxidative effect of vitamin E, 100 times.

Lycopene, found mainly in tomatoes, watermelon, red grapes and red palm oil, the daily food consumption of more than one or two species may help your heart healthy and can prevent cancer.

Dental floss is more important than imagined

Know? Healthy teeth and gums can help prolong life. Many studies have shown that periodontal disease and atherosclerosis and heart disease are closely linked and, if you are now going through pregnancy, it easier to get dental. The researchers surveyed 140 women in preterm birth and found that about 30 people suffering from periodontitis during pregnancy, the researchers believe that people with periodontitis in pregnant women's immune system will react, it may induce uterine contraction and trigger premature birth, The plaque contains bacteria no less than the harm to the fetus of reproductive tract infection.

Give not only bring dental pain, but also directly affect the human body and the fetus. Therefore, if you are positive during pregnancy, with regular brushing and using dental floss, regular dental check-up done (about once every 6 months), will be effective in reducing the risk of preterm birth

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