Friday, December 18, 2009

Kosuke easy to get the nine terminally ill people

1. Acidosis:
They like all the fine things in order to show their different profane: delicious food, the beautiful music, decadent love ... ... the body acidity caused excessive suffering from gastric ulcer and died.

2. Depression:
Petty is still most talented, and piano play well, a violin too, Nongnong classical poetry is also OK, so the total in the "moon nowhere with" in the Guyingzilian. Their mantra is: "They sad death." One day God will make them come true finally, in sorrow to die.

3. Autism:
Of their favorite words are "on the road", so are looking for a lifetime. They do not look like the stars, eager star-chasing, saw the opposite sex is to pursue excellence, and Zhuidao Shou after how to do, not things the younger generation. He (she) who love principles: doing is a little bit, just love strangers, only love is self-marriage. Petty men think that a good woman is always someone else's wife, petty bourgeoisie woman that this world a good man has died out, the rest is not the cowards that satyr. So at the end outcome is that two kinds: either, as Wang Xiaobo, after the shouting, filled with grief and indignation to die, or, as Eileen Chang quietly died in the United States, guest houses inside. Only one the same: too lonely.

4. Nasopharyngeal carcinoma:
Because there is always simmering voice to speak, long-term inflammation of the throat. Compounded by lack of sleep, easy to cold, and both men and women smoke, and be able to get half of the throw, other than the native products for multiple. In this regard, they says: "To tell the truth, those packaging design is really beautiful, even if do not want to smoke, and also made possessive." Smoke like others are designed to eat the stomach, they enjoy smoking is the ambience, style , blues.

5. Network poisoning:
Online love, online love, online dating, they should be well-done since. Leisure to the chat room loading equipment Innocent hair hair waves, to the BBS where pound trouble, very crazy the whole account, not a bit decent. Development of the Internet today, there are 16.5 million Internet users in China minors. This 16.5 million in 14.8% of minors, they not only love the Internet, but also fascinated by addiction, it is difficult to extricate themselves, and triggered a series of social problems.

6. Heart failure:
For the social life and showed great lack of interest; for the heart's pleasure, have shown great interest. It seems there is always fun to see the physical needs could ever use vent, on the hotel, mountain climbing, excursions, any opportunity to play, they all report. To drag racing, to bungee jumping, to open PARTY, send text messages to be endless ... ... Oh! Myocardial strain can not help but eventually dies.

7. Comfort to death:
In addition to playing mahjong and sleep could not find another joy in life passbook basically does not move, do not mind the fundamental. Because long-term "ears do not hear out of the window, as one look petty bourgeoisie book", leading to short-sighted, as the Shier Lou kept in purdah woman, one behind the times, for times out, and second, lagging behind will be beaten up, was Forcing the strongman. Is an old saying: "Hardships and died well-being." Nobuyuki!

8. Rickets:
Petty's way of life is soaked in an excessive amount of sugar and coffee, is bothered with people similar. So, to pay attention to food, clothing to the brand, decoration to the grade. Petty was originally for people to look at works of art, so the packaging art to the limits. Petty boys tend to choose a narrow tight-fitting pants, hip pockets on the horizontal line a hair weird, swear and women than in avant-garde; Petty is always gentle and polite man, the pocket will always have an inexhaustible fragrant napkin, everywhere, Ms. priority, Total not look directly at each other's eyes, look graceful water, a little flicker, things that smile, the whole a new era of "new man" image. Petty men do not fight without using foul language (Petty Girls are contrary), because the origin is not noble, they always fear that someone else says he's not noble, so pay extra attention to shape their own image, afraid we accidentally put them and the community mix. Unconsciously shining clothes, oil head noodles, or long hair, Huan Pei Ding Dong, an art-like, self-satisfied neutral full up!

9. Rich man's disease:
The so-called petty bourgeoisie, that is, people like their ancestors because of the credit, or their own physical conditions, enough to live comfortably after playing tricks calculating how Youziyouwei drain life. Do you have that point down to business was not a ah, there is then the money you want to do primary school No ah? Because scholars rely on to secure, because to maintain grace gorgeous, do not exercise all year round, in March did not go downstairs, rich man's disease had come: see light shed tears, see the wind is down, avascular necrosis, decreased immunity and life index of zero ... ...

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