Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Randy woman's 10 kinds of apparent

, the most favorite out of those who have mate male model photo specialty stores, clothing stores and mobile phones, etc. He's the goods on the goods hastily swept, line of sight but in the male model advertising painting to stay for more than five seconds.

2, treatment of a film or TV, good-looking and good-looking actor in determining the standard is there any handsome guy, cool to what kind of degree, as well as the number of handsome guy.

3, for the new arrivals have not been seen for male colleagues, the most interesting is not his qualifications, level and ability, but think he really is what it looks like, and then secretly pray that he is a handsome guy.

4, in the gathering, if there are strange handsome guy, soon will become very friendly and find ways to let him take the initiative struck up a conversation with you, if he did not, would be very upset sad.

5, when the eyes of a person shopping at the free state, always from a handsome guy to another handsome guy, if we find a handsome guy on the street could not see would be to call a friend grumble: shopping really boring.

6, for a time when the opposite sex to express their views, first of all say how this man look like, and then by other, of course, when the person looks really do not gnaw manner, we also are too lazy to say any others.

7, and people dealing with, it will be sensitive to the basis of his appearance the language divide, the same words come out in the handsome guy's mouth when he felt a sense of humor, but from the frog's mouth when they think it is a playing out of poverty.

8, no matter what kind of occasion that handsome guy, will be in a very short period of time the use of a woman with an extraordinary imagination, and his hand thinking, dating, marriage, having children up to age gracefully.

9, in the bbs to see a very feeling to imagine the author of the text will look like, when the meet and found each other is nothing handsome, they will terribly disappointed, I feel those words must have come from his plagiarism.

10, whenever they hear the word handsome guy appears there will be very excited, if he was a star would be the same as the fans inquire about which films he has taken out any albums, if he is in life a person would like the neighborhood Aunt incessant inquiries as to his name, age, address, and Marital status.

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