Friday, December 25, 2009

What are the fastest parts of the old woman?

What are the fastest parts of the old woman? This is to understand the problem, and only grasp the weaknesses, in order to effectively prevent or fight back. Do not worry you already have signs of aging is described in the article to start the correct maintenance of the aging part is still time to save!

The first: the eye --- the eye so that the aging signs of a woman exposed

Aging characteristics of one: Right now there are fine lines of the.

The beginning may be due to ill-maintenance caused by Gan Wen, slowly due to aging and the real into the small fine lines. Smile when the eye weeks to see significant relaxation, fine lines eyes and less and less vivid. Very raising someone else's eyes.

Aging characteristics of two: eye due to relaxation caused by drooping eyes. This is really is the most pathetic. Because it gives the whole person-shaped eyes have changed.

General recommendations, there are eye problems, the usual with a fresh eye gel on the body. The appropriate time to fill out to give the eye on the water. Night owl on a little eye drops. The trouble of drinking green tea smoking point. Conditional on the film deposited with the green tea under the eyes of James Cotton. Can alleviate eye fatigue, eye problems will be less.

The second: Skin --- loose skin is a feature of the aging of the first

Aging characteristics of one: facial skin is clear, in fact, relaxation, flexibility is not enough, and there nasolabial folds. Look down along the nasolabial folds, and you'll see it as a sagging lines, sagging skin, while the whole face are the same as the fall. In short, there is no beauty at all.

Aging characteristic 2: the body from the skin easily dry dry skin, even in the summer are so.

Careful observation will find that the skin texture become very loose. Do not believe you can look at more than 30-year-old woman in the skin, very loose arm, especially those who know to eat every day and do not love sports. Do not maintain body and just dressed woman, is not intrinsically attractive.

Third: Chest ----- chest aging, often caused by bad habits

Some people like to tummy to sleep, tummy sleeping woman seriously affected Munakata is true. You have the heart to let your lover see you undress after the two great circle cake Mody.

When taking a bath, remember not to use the water will overheat the chest, long period of time has also led to sag. The best way is to either hot water or cold water. Then trouble you are using breast cream, Breast cream when lenient. Many such drugs have serious side-effects. Become a big chest is not the case. Was slowly raised great. And most people are born. Acquired 90% of the effort is futile. Breast maximum effect of essential oils is to make the chest Buzhi Yu sagging, but it will not let you from A into C.

There are also blind to lose weight, and reduced to the last start with a small chest, because the fast-gotten thinner, the body can not immediately adapt to the chest may be sagging. In short, the most beautiful either the innate, or else is smart.

TIPS: Online fried crazy papaya breast milk did not effect the actual oh ~ because papaya is a Fat Burn weight loss of fruit.

Fourth place: --- hip hip without exercise will reveal embarrassing aging curve

Relaxation is as horrendous as the buttocks and chest. Will not feel special, wearing jeans would be very difficult to see. Bed and exercise is not looking to do. I have a colleague to understand the time in the bath has been tempered Pi Pi. I think so. Have to do is to keep the hip muscle contraction. This should be a very long time before a little bit of effect - become tight grip real number. However, to truly achieve the effect of hip is a need to insist on doing every day hip movement.

Friendly Tip: take the Office of the MM who stools just sit and third, straighten your back, but also an effective way to create beautiful PP oh ~

Apart from the above four, there is the neck skin, and its maintenance should be started from the age of 20, initially painted some light should be cool, the ingredients simple product. After the age of 25 you can focus on wrinkle-free ingredients. The forehead wrinkles are sometimes not really an important symbol of aging, some people have more than 20-year-old forehead wrinkles, this is entirely a result of bad habits.

If the above questions you have. Will now begin to address bar. Quickly join the maintenance team, and now to save / prevention aging disaster, but also not too late!

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