Thursday, December 17, 2009

Men's Health's "addition and subtraction multiplication and division" new rule

Canada - to enhance health awareness, strengthen health maintenance
Active lifestyle first of all from a positive health awareness. The pressure of living may make male health consciousness has been diluted, and gradually give up the necessary health maintenance, which includes regular physical examination and exercise.

Regularly engage in physical exercise will make you full of vitality, promote brain and other parts of the body oxygen supply, improve sleep quality and so on.

Reduction - to reduce healthConwayThreatening factors, to change the bad habits

To diet and living as the main factor in the lives of the bad habits are the biggest threat to health. Such as alcohol, tobacco, diet, rest irregular, inadequate rest, will be a direct result of the decline in health status of men and become health hazards.

 X - establish confidence in life and seek to effectively help

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is precisely what they should not do, which is occasionally of those busy people find what they want in order to fully give your body a respite opportunity. Some complementary therapies, such as massage therapy and aroma therapy, revitalization of the human body is also very effective, they not only allow the body to fully relax, but also enable us to physically doubled spirits.

But to give up and relaxation are totally different. Attitude towards how we feel full of vitality with great impact. The best a man can destroy self-esteem and confidence of the ED (erectile dysfunction), the ostrich policy only added fuel to escape and allow patients to give up into deep despair. However, if the courage to go to the hospital, they often find that overcoming obstacles is not difficult, the doctor can provide effective help to make the same ED as common as high blood pressure disease.

In addition - elimination of the old health-care ideas, correcting errors, the health awareness

Outdated concepts of health and health awareness are numerous errors, but the most influential are the following three ways:

1, poor health is the inevitable result of increase in age. We must learn to break the age of harmful traditional values. On the physical ability, we can still look forward to the growth of ever-increasing age, vitality and endurance, rather than lie down in the easy chair in the.

2, only the killer disease is healthy. In fact, the way of life than the disease to some extent a greater impact on health. The relationship between health and lifestyle than it is a closer relationship with the constitution.

Third, sex life is the consumption of healthy behavior. Rather, indulgence damage health, but to enjoy sex life but it will promote the physical and mental health. Elderly on false claims of sexual life most of the time they gave up sex life.

The law of addition and subtraction multiplication and division, is optimistic attitude, scientific knowledge, positive effort, as long as passionate attachment to, it will undoubtedly make men to live a healthier, more abundant energy

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