Sunday, December 13, 2009

Be able to retain what is a man's life?

If it is not best friend's words, I think I may not be dead from a mentality coming out. He said: If there is more of a free and easy and self-confidence to see a man will be different. This brings me to wake up. Felt that although her looks in the appearance of a modern independent woman, but the thought is still very traditional and closed. I was kind of by men at the center, everywhere care about their opinions and ideas, while ignoring their own kind of mentality.

Of you do not misunderstand, I am not a family woman, but I think that to make a perfect woman is to be properly do so. But now turned to run, close to his girlfriend to marry who is not on to a man as the center, revolving it? There is a premise that they have their own work, stretch the cause, but the work is still holding a serious attitude, because the house chores and the inevitable impact of the work, but the code is not active to give up the pursuit of work. I think that they did not I think of them as dependent on her husband. Maybe her husband's salary cards so that they would be more peace of mind to manage at home, but they are also very expansive spend your own money, to their children, husband, or even their own. Have accompanied her husband, they will be happy, not to accompany her husband, they will empty the shopping, taking children out to play, to grocery shopping. If there is no physical Eurya weight, they will play, if a person very tired kids, they would find their parents and family members to help.

So, why should I so? Why I must believe that only men around the turn of the daughter is the most happy people do? Eileen Chang's words, reminds her of a house bought by her nails. She has never enjoyed Hulan Cheng care, so she had a deep regret. Women like to be pet, likes to rely on a man. If there is no off the case, she will feel she is very poor, there is no love enjoyed. However, I personally feel more and more to rely on a person's feelings is not necessarily good. Gentle or not, and whether they are really weak, man is a strong independent. Tender for the men and women, equally important, is a considerate and gentle care.

To be independent in fact the kind of happiness, the kind of attached to others, the pleasure and pain are other people who are slight in fact highly depressed women. Because they will be self-expectations and needs of others buried. Had seen a story about what the story of a woman's most wanted to find out the answer is different, turned out to be: to control their own destiny. This demand put a man who, if somewhat soft, but put a woman who, but how deep ah.

When I was a friend of this sentence, I feel completely liberated. Do not want to, in order to how to get a man's life of love and care of thinking very hard, with those who seem to compare well-being of women, desperate to change themselves, in order to find a such an outcome. A man insisted to pay too much for others to meet their own words, such people, I really do not know, could spend a lifetime

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