Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A woman a secret of the day MOISTURE moisture

8:00 The first thing after getting up is the water

The morning immediately after getting up to drink a cup of boiled water for more than 200cc, you can complement the loss of the body of water during the night.

8:01 do a good job cleaning work towards the key to skin beauty

The daily cleaning work must not be less than two minutes. Choose moisturizing dry skin cleansing product type most comfortable.

Cleansing products will be the way to circular motion gently massage, a careful cleaning with warm water, do not miss every corner.

8:03 Hydrating Serum to add plenty of water,

Hydrating Serum can penetrate deeply into the underlying skin for the skin to provide long-lasting moisturizing massage with the adjustable from the inside and outside the health skin beauty.


Step1. With both hands from the lower jaw of the four fingers at the beginning, avoiding the eye, along the contours of the face three times a circle.

Step2. With both hands middle finger and ring finger pulp on both sides of the cheeks, gently pulling facial skin.

Step3. With the Eye Serum beginning to the temple from the corner of the eye to press the point approach to massage.

Step4. With both hands to cover your face gently, so that the temperature of the palm to promote the effectiveness of quick-release essence.

8:07 moisturizer to lock moisture

Serum to absorb such a little dry but no full-time, immediately lock with the emulsion of water, so that the skin retain more moisture.

10:00 Green tea can add moisture to the skin

In the work, must be good for the skin, "overtime pay" work, a pot of green tea, and use the replenishment supply water spray at any time.

12:20 uncomfortable when you use the eye drops

Prepared a bottle of eye drops and efficient replenishment of the Eye, you can make tired eyes to rest and relief, prevention Ganwen Oh!

19:20 clean up excess sebum, skin is more refreshing

Got home from work, the first thing up remover, but no matter how long working hours pay, inevitably some dry skin, the surface is also leak out excess sebum. The following tips will be able to solve the Oh!

Step1. First, clear the chaos makeup

First with the cotton swab and remove eye makeup nose at the chaos.

Step2. Septal paper spray

Facial Spray will cover the face, and then semi-dry touch of the tissues

19:25 Cleansing The focus is to keep your skin hurt

With the Cleansing Oil massage, dry skin surface with tissue paper to avoid Cleansing Oil skin is too dry! After clean, then rubbed with water and moisturizing lotion.

22 o'clock at night is the best time for skin whitening

Night of the skin in the cultivation of interest-bearing state is the best time to whitening, when using whitening cream and whitening cream, we can more efficiently Oh!

White Lily Wang Yi Ren

Ingredients: Pearl Barley flour a spoon, lily powder half a teaspoon.

Practices: the material with the water brewing open, Stir of water.

This is what I used the best whitening drinks, I usually drink every other day, once a month on the white drink a lot, and the skin has more moisture Oh!

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