Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hello Women lose men to tell Where?

For a feel-good married women, the most can not believe is that your marriage has been a third party; most unwilling to see that everything is not as good as a third party that you so that you can say whatever they swallow the tone ... ... solution-maker who listen to abandon the "good woman" man how to speak, perhaps they can point you wake up the dreamer --


Been weak defeated a strong woman

The twelfth lunar month, 38-year-old boss of a company, age of marriage for 10 years

On that day, that a woman named Missy is about to meet me, you can hear from the tone of her husband outside the woman, and I even imagined I agreed that he drove to the place, she said. Along the way, I kind of competitive in terms of desire restless bones, I was about to begin a war call was a bit agitated, I bent to think that, with my reputation as a prominent CEOs position that, with my extraordinary intelligence, she Ruozhen dare to raise my husband's, she may be stupid, how many ways I have to winå‘€!

Her appointment of tea waiting for me. I looked at imposing pressure on people to their opponents, we are definitely two types of people, she was thrown into the general to the heap of people are not to be found. She Dimeishunyan, talk loud enough: "You know you love bankrupt?" I thought I heard it wrong? I said: "What?" She repeated: "He do not want to tell you now that he had gone bankrupt several months ... ... we have been too busy for him that he was very kind of you ... ... would rather insisted on their own. "

Do you think I was feeling, was originally prepared and others to destabilize and the result has been informed of such a sad news. She told me that they are around to help him to borrow money to make up for the company's deficit, that is, she is for my husband to find me! Came to me for my own husband's plea!

"How did not you tell me? If I had known, as early intervention, things may turn for the better already." I thought a few months has been feeling bad husband, that he is under immense pressure and the front of the children in my acting, Only in front of her is true, he did not go on top of issues and carry her. But he knows who is loved? Who is to ingratiate themselves with the most of the people do not? I have nothing to say to her. I found him, and decided to come up with one-third of the assets of my company saved the lives of his company. There is only one request, to leave the woman. But he tossed me a Xianglei: "would rather abandon the company's resurrection, we can not leave the woman." I can not believe I'd die before I add my own assets, all wins, but that weak woman.

  Men Enlightenment from:

I am glad found himself a very good wife, her superior intelligence, capacity for his outstanding pre-loaded. Can be used as a very ordinary man, I am in front of her, felt only the pressure in front of her, I tried Jinxian do not dare to reveal a little timid splendor. If a company goes bankrupt, I can not find anything that betrayed her reasons.

From man's point of view, Xiao Qiao is more suitable for a woman of my life. She will let me relax, let me say ugly, she is not his wife's ability to, without his wife's achievements, these deficiencies but her quiet, like a sponge, you can accept the pour, it can be to rely on. Compared with her, his wife is more like a very good elasticity and texture of steel bars, but difficult to close.

If we say that bankruptcy is a watershed, then, the wife has me on the peak, she got in I was low. However, my depression is more real.

  "Super beautiful" anger

Liang (a pseudonym), female, 32-year-old dance teacher, marriageable age 8 years

Her husband, although he looks normal, but particularly fond of beauty. All of a sudden that her husband had an affair that moment, my first reaction is that he must have hit a more beautiful woman ... ... I started to follow him, until one day, I River flood control channel sparsely Department, blocking He and the woman lived intimacy, I almost could not believe my eyes, he was actually with the way an ugly together? It is no exaggeration to tell you that she was long a big buns face, arms, thick as elephant legs, if not personally see it, people say die I do not believe this is our third-party. At that moment, I just feel the blood to the forehead on the Bay, not angry, but a great sense of shame I brought down grown doubled. Poor me at home, the unit recognized the great beauty, and thus to the rejection by her husband has. He forgets that when he was chasing me for a day, keep the poor in the next phase of the lift? He forgot to curry favor with me and spent 3,000 yuan to buy roses for my shop to spend way it? He forgot his own original kneel to me, in blood the oath of love my life?

I still beauty in other men are still frequently to me with eyes ceremony when, instead they gaze turned to a pure and simple ugly. I am content with this beautiful part, he was helping them in this Chounan of secrecy. He wants to really find my beautiful than I had admitted, but he happens to find in a very ugly person, saying that I have reconciled!

 Men Enlightenment from:

I most want to tell you is this: "Pretty women are often brought up in the shadow of vanity, so easy to rely appearance Aowu. No matter how much you hurt her, love her, she thought that for granted. In her view, so many people the pursuit of her, and she happens to marry you, you have a big advantage. So, if you married a beautiful wife, then congratulations you, you will begin to endless sufferings. "

It is true, Liang is a very eye-catching big beautiful women, when I have worked hard to only then that she Zhuidao Shou is also true. But I have not been chasing her hand to her love ah, my wife always thought I was her gift to marry, I have been married she should feel grateful every day. Wife was also used her slender Yu Zhi poked my forehead, said: "You Do not kid Buzhihaodai. Away from you and I casually find a ten times stronger than you."

I have a cold that day, she remained indifferent. Units, usually for me a good female colleagues, but one would see that I am not comfortable, and silently poured me a glass of water, to send over two cold medicine. Really, this put me in something warmth captured. She looks really normal, but she was so loved, like my idol when I suddenly found a man touched by something more Bimei - thoughtful and considerate. I gave all the women saying: Whatever you America Ye Hao, ugly Ye Hao, in the male vulnerability and loneliness, you ignore him, he might go Looking back on warmth.

  "Five-good wife," the aggrieved

Yue-ming (a pseudonym), female, 26 years old, full-time housewife, age of marriage for 2 years

I have a job, can get married, work would have to cope with in the past, all my attention on him has. Can be at home, my performance in these years, her husband had more than once people said I was a "five-good wife." One said that I wait for him to be patient, meticulous, which were met with non-envy? From hear his footsteps on the stairs where playing, I ran past the door, take slippers; home and obviously there are nannies, but as long as he come home for dinner, I will certainly cook, dirty color, flavor and taste of the pigment; tonic I personally bubble tea is good, ended to his mouth children, had to help him wipe the mouth; fruit, peeled, diced and stuck with toothpicks, and sometimes an exit way into his mouth; someday I can not wake up one night a few back to help him cover was, if he had a drink Qiye, I immediately ran to help him open the bathroom light. I wait on him to be so comfortable, why did he still go out looking for women? And the photographs provided by a private detective, he has graciously to that woman handbag, umbrella, car door, how I am more accustomed to him, he went out the more cheap then? Grievance is really going to die, what is his plan?

 Men Enlightenment from:

She competent like a servant, but the men on the outside rush, after toiling all day, return home, to be not only delicious food, nutritious tea, he may need to communicate the spirit of the soul for herself. So, you leaned over to kneel on the ground and considerate and caring the details of my life, my mind is to communicate the need for a possible partner, if she got to do these, I prefer to turn for her. To a person like Fan Jian, both men and women are happy. But you do too active, too thoughtful, has deprived me of the rights at home, Fan Jian and happy. Your mistake is to enable the husband and wife living together may be replaced by a husband and wife love.

 Men need to be admired

The original love of men, but on the outside fell in love with a woman than his own, who would willingly? Read the man's the truth, perhaps you will understand their lose at where. In fact, not what you are not good enough, nor is the husband too bad, there is a time for the marriage, the marriage Oxygenating way. Though you are very capable, beautiful, very cute, but good food to eat for a long time, but also tired of the time. Smart woman would be her husband's increasingly less of their own when the heat and immediately show new tricks, her husband has begun to recover in the eyes next to Gu; realize her husband has been lonely hearts, they take the initiative to fill the fun of marriage; know how to have fun man and curiosity, will always play her husband's lover, with his lingering, spray repeatedly, and the day to make it Youziyouwei. You may be a bit uneven, so how can I would like to discuss his favor? It relied on former love, With can get permanent happiness, not worth do?

Husband likes to beauty, your tender will be icing on the cake, but to the United States for the enjoyment of right, then as the root of the problem; men are self-esteem and help you be a timely help, but your contempt, it means folding bone broken ribs. Remember that it, in the marriage of the world, the ability, mental and even physical appearance can not determine the outcome of the feelings. Even if you are a good woman, but also know how to recognize the "strong man" even if your heart sky high, we must know how to let men enjoy "the thrill of being admired," so your marriage will be more perfect

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