Friday, December 18, 2009

Razor bacteria than the toilet more than 125 times the number of

Men's razor is a life close indispensable supplies, cleaning can often be ignored. Some razors, and even perennial dirty, as well as breeding a lot of bacteria. According to Taiwan's research shows that the number of bacteria than we razors more than 125 times the toilet lid.

Shaver not pay attention to cleanliness, it is easy for bacteria and other things that adsorbed on the blade on the stolen goods. If the damaged facial skin, after use is likely to cause an infection.

Razor to timely clean, under normal circumstances, each time after use should be clean. Blade-type razor blade each time you use will be exhausted out, using brush or cotton to remove adsorbed on the residue on the blade, the use of two or three times, may be within the blade into the alcohol soak, then dry with cotton back .

2-3 times the use of electric razors should be clean. When cleaning, first brush with a small remnant in the turret on the net to be broken and skin debris, and then the cotton ball dipped in alcohol to gently wipe off the grease on the blade, but do not use some of the harder things to curettage, Otherwise, easy to damage blades.

Whether or electric-type razor blade type, in a clean exhausted, it is best to oil the blade Shangma to prevent rust.

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