Saturday, December 26, 2009

Intercourse posture can also reveal the degree of love, sweet

In sex, there are the traditional male and female under the stance on that mimic animal sex attitude, but also on the men and women under the gesture, there are more changes in an infinite variety of gestures. So, sexual gestures in the end mean?
According to the survey researchers of sexology, human sexual gestures at the beginning of an animal no different. In the primitive society, when a woman's sexual desire has been ignited, they would bend down, twist hips, waiting for men to enter from behind. Later, it gradually evolved into the now widely used on the men and women having sex under the gesture, because in such a "structure" in the eyes of two people staring at each other, make love and then not only a sexual intercourse, but the emotional exchanges.
Sex posture may be signs that you love, stage of development. Sex expert's report is that, when two people in love, when kicking the tires are generally selected on the men and women under the traditional gesture, this easy to cover up the naked face of the other side, when suddenly restless and shy, while the right has just sexual contact two people, this gesture will help the exchange of eye, easier to achieve orgasm. However, this way two people long after the exposure will gradually be eliminated, because it is no longer over time to become a stimulating.
Then another carriage appeared. According to the survey, in the old couple, the man standing behind the way a woman is the most popular, can regain the passion in marriage elapsed. At the same time, oral sex in this time period, also came into being. Psychologists say that, if two people's feelings very well, they would think that sex, giving more than anything else, so they are more willing to do oral sex for each other so as to express their profound friendship for each other.
The most important sex organ is the brain, which may decide to draw to the climax of the quantity and quality, therefore, sex apart from physical contact, the more a psychological satisfaction. In fact, different sex have different psychological attitude implied effects. When the men on the woman in a traditional gesture under, the men have full control of the situation feeling. This attitude of men in the whole process can take the initiative in the way that they can control the length and intensity, while they can at a glance from a woman's face to know their own results.
While the female on the male psychology of men and women under the posture of a gesture suggesting the greatest conflict. Men, women face high above the sudden there is a misconception, feel things in the past by its own control to the women's hands, a man that such a kind gesture on behalf of women's power, which made them subconsciously uneasy. At the same time, women will also be a sudden increase in sex position Gaode perplexed, after all, women used to swing lower body is not to please each other.
Of course, both men and women, are exposed to the body when the emphasis on sex. Choose the Body and sometimes sex is driven by this psychological accomplished. First decide which part of his exposure to the other, and then decide what kind of sex position. In addition to sexuality, men and women will want to question is - how to see my body is perfect. Generally speaking, men are more concerned with sex than women when the image. Men feel that women on a male under the best ways to make them look perfect, while women think when a man standing behind their intercourse, their image of the worst

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