Friday, December 11, 2009

Shoulder pain prevention tips for IT people

Among the out-patient because of neck and shoulder discomfort, back hair tight programmers a minority, so that more and more cases, those of us e time office workers, more than the current occupational diseases than our ancestors. The reason is simple that is normally pose --- bad computer posture.

"Growing up in the computer next to neck pain, their discomfort" Yeah, there are many patients like this Q: Doctor, I always shoulder, back discomfort, and sometimes Haiteng, so he turned also issued a sound, filmed the film said, no worries, see a lot of doctors, basically gave a prescription plaster, but the finished paste is also hard for me to do this Editor's Note? Need to know the cause of this disease is poorly designed workstations may be ah, working posture is incorrect ah, or for a long time to maintain the same posture, muscle stretch caused no chance. Therefore, regardless of sat askew, or straight down a long time will be the shoulders and back pain. In this kind of work intensity, long-term accumulation, virtual wind evil thieves easily penetrated, once the cold, one side of the neck muscles began to hypoxia, there will be Suanzhang, stiffness and other discomfort.

I have to consider: Why are the neck more easily catch cold? Hope to give everyone in the Chinese saying goes a good explanation, neck height living body, "mad", indicates the height vulnerable to cold, easy cold; "Wood show at the forest, the wind will destroy the" Why is ? Too high a tree is easy to be blown into the first, first by the wind attacks. The neck has a point called the Feng-chi point, how understand? Fengchi was first seen in "Lingshu fever," chapter in the "talk about the naming of points" in this way: "The wind is yang evil, their sexual Qing Yang, head on, but the wind can be, the wind pool hole in the temporal Ru who after the hair trap, hand Shaoyang, Shenyang Victoria's Society, the main stroke Pianku, Shaoyang headache, Feng Xie is accumulated, which they therefore called the wind pool. "easy to understand is that the neck is a big draft, easy to catch cold.

Whether because of flu or a long time at the front of the computer people, neck pain, back of the head pain, the most important reason is that cold. Where did you see a computer sitting in that office is not the case then, this habit does not change, but also taking a closer look to see a bad reason. Also note that the shoulder pain or discomfort those who should be excluded from the Department of biliary diseases, such as: cholecystitis, gallstones, etc., as well as heart and other diseases.

Out its reasoning, then we say that treatment, medical Santa Zhang Zhongjing in his "Treatise on Febrile Diseases," 31 in there reads: "Sun disease, Xiang Ji Ji Qiang back, no sweat, bad wind, and Pueraria Decoction Lord's." That mean that the neck stand the cold, afraid of the wind, back hair tight, no sweat, with Pueraria soup conditioning. So the role of Pueraria Decoction what is it? Drive out the back (solar Bladder) and Han Xie, reaching Yin Pingyang secret, saying that white is a normal physique. Well, the treatment also can choose a lot of methods:

1, massage or acupuncture, massage and acupuncture if do not, you can put into the back ---- heat or hot water bottle, the effect is not bad;

2, shelter from the wind cold, do not let the neck cold;

3, exercise neck, can learn turtles ----- Shen Bozi, so that neck hyperextension, hyperextension and after going to persist for a while to let the neck with Suanzhang sense of belonging;

4, pillows should be placed below the neck, the best back of the head can be next to the bed, slowly improving over the cervical spine curvature; some bad doctor recommended cervical vertebrae, the painting "m" word, I was not recommended, especially with dizziness persons, in order to avoid collapse;

5, correcting posture, change bad posture;

6, drug therapy, traditional Chinese medicine should be carried out according to the different physical prescription, you can also plaster; Western medicine is that pain medications and sprays, but it is still pain after.

Some people say, I like to use certain of the plaster, etc., and had never had recurrence. I consider the condition may be mild, there may be heavy also "good" of the. But the treatment approach is to let the neck, sweating, Qu-han, to improve the neck, back of the blood circulation. Whether medication or acupuncture, massage, we must achieve "Gegen Tang" role ---- Qu-han

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