Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Women Yongbao MOISTURE skin tips

MOISTURE the secret lies in the skin moisturizing. The lack of moisture in the skin tends to produce a wide variety of skin problems. Hydra crystal skin is a manifestation of femininity.

MOISTURE skin regardless of who would be tempted to see attracted to the right. Hydra smooth skin not only demonstrate a female flavor, which adds to the charm of women. So always pay attention to moisturizing the skin, non-excessive use of oil-absorbing paper.

Immediately after washing the face painted with make-up water, covers the cheeks with your fingers to make the make-up water fully absorbed by the skin.

For more dry skin MM, can be coated with 2 to 3 times a make-up water.

Apply the lotion and cream make-up water can more effectively penetrate into the skin inside. Like massage gently Rouan as temples to make the skin more flexible.

If the skin is too dry, you can use spray make-up water. Do not spray directly into face to face, a little farther away from the re-spray, even if the Hua Liaozhuang can also be used

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