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Fruits 7 Great Queen sharpen your lean weight

For the fruit effect, everyone understood, and some fruit is a regular weight-loss diet, others because of the relationship between high-calorie and nutrients will not be nutritionists recommend eating, OL have you had better weight-loss wise choice of fruit! The following presents a Fengyun Bang, so that you at a glance who is the queen of fruit in thin, thin thinner tells us more beautiful!

1, Apple calories ≈ 50 kcal / 100 g

Some years ago, there is a set of tailor-made weight-loss man-made Apple's method, gave rise to a burst Apple diet craze it! The situation is indeed thin apple fruit, it is rich in pectin, can help with intestinal and toxins do to accelerate the detoxification efficacy and reduce heat absorption. In addition, Apple also more potassium can prevent leg swelling. To mull over a little hardness of apples, will be released from the composition, not only satiety, calorie is not high.

Buy: buy Apple, they should pick a large moderate, peel thin thin, shiny bright, flesh crisp, juicy sweet flavor, no insect damage eyes and apples.

Cleaning: Apple over the water soaked in the epidermis put a little salt, then gently rub back and forth holding hands, the surface dirt will soon be able to rub clean, re-use of water will clean, you can rest assured that food.

Save: Apple should be stored at low temperatures, humidification environment, the family can be wrapped in plastic bags on the refrigerator. Apple cut will occur after exposure to air oxidation into a brown foam in salt water for 15 minutes or the lemon juice dripping apple slices to prevent discoloration Apple oxidation.

Tips: best not to eat apple peel

Apple pectin gathered in the skin as well as most of the skin around it will not only increase the amount of pectin, in the diarrhea can absorb water, so that to maintain a certain hardness of the stool. Therefore, constipation should not eat apples peeled, cut down to eat when diarrhea Ping Guopi more effective.

2, grapefruit calories ≈ 35.3 kcal / 100 g

Grapefruit acid can help to increase digestive juice, so as to promote the digestive function and nutrition, can also be easily absorbed. In addition, why the grapefruit diet and then when the food will also be listed as the winds of fruit, because it is rich in vitamin C, about 100 Hawk had a grapefruit, not only fatigue, but also beautify the skin it!

It is important that copies of less sugar, diet food to supplement vitamin C, but the most appropriate. For many girls afraid of heavy sour, it is recommended you, you can drop a little bit of honey in the grapefruit, the acidity was immediately and in!

Optional: holding up the weight should feel solid, representing more than water.

Tips: eat grapefruit has its taboos

First, the grapefruit because of cold, body mass than the Deficiency, the blood pressure in patients with low or Weihan unfit for human consumption. Secondly, Do not eat grapefruit when taking medicine, especially angina, lowering blood pressure, blood fat, anti-histamine and other drugs, because grapefruit juice contains flavonoids, can inhibit liver drug metabolism, leading to enhanced efficacy and safety, Therefore, medication before and after the interval of two hours should eat grapefruit, relatively safe. In addition, the grapefruit for the high potassium food, uremia and dialysis patients should not eat, so as not to increase the burden on the kidneys.

3, tomato heat ≈ 25 kcal / 100 g

Strictly speaking, tomatoes and vegetables should be classified and then tired, a proper bar! Therefore, ingredients frequently see it, but tomato is also a part of one of the more tender to eat more foods it! Tomatoes contain lycopene, dietary fiber and pectin content can reduce calorie intake, promote gastrointestinal motility. And the unique acidity can stimulate gastric secretion, and even enhance the taste of food is very good ingredients and healthy cooking it!

Optional: Select the fruit large and rounded, full, flexible, mature, fruit color red or yellow, and even better than those who shine.

Cleaning: wash tomatoes in water, while the use of soft brush gently scrub the surface of tomatoes can effectively remove pesticide residues.

Save: Not fully mature tomatoes, placed at room temperature and let it slowly mature and mature in the refrigerator has been saved.

Tips: Green tomatoes will be eaten raw poisoning

If you eat the immature green tomatoes, there will be bitter mouth feel, which may emerge after eating nausea and vomiting symptoms of poisoning, raw more dangerous. This is because green tomatoes contain alkaloid glycosides (solanine), which contain elements which can lead to poisoning.

4, pineapple calories ≈ 29.2 kcal / 100 g

Have you ever heard someone say pineapple is "profit" must be eaten after a meal will not Shangwei argument. However, this argument has credentials Yo! Because the proteolytic pineapple enzyme very strongly, although the meat protein digestion can help, but if you eat before a meal, then, it is likely to cause gastric injury Yo! Therefore, the use of eating pineapple to slim must pay attention to a matter of time.

Optional: Yes, pineapple, fruit-shaped and full, the fruit body Shuo Ting, an old guitar and the color orange peel, rich fragrance smell distributed, fruit juice spill no eyes.

Cut Method: In the pineapple leaf position under a centimeter cut, pineapple leaves can be used to clean decoration. The pineapple, in turn, close to the tail, cut. Will be erected in the pineapple on a cutting board, knife along the pineapple skin, curved down, remove the skin. Pineapple skin completely removed, it will cut pineapple from the middle, will open a four pineapple. Every 1 1 / 4 are cut off the middle of the pineapple core. Cut into pieces the size of application.

Cleaning: the pineapple slices or pieces placed in brine soak for 30 minutes, then wash away the salty taste, you can achieve the purpose of eliminating allergic substances.

Tips: eat pineapple must be mixed with salt water before

Pineapple contains glycosides, bromelain, and 5 - hydroxytryptamine and other substances on the skin, oral mucosa are stimulated, and the pineapple was born right on allergies, in the consumption of pineapple 15-1 minutes or so will be abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, simultaneous allergy symptoms such as headache, dizziness, skin flushing and so on and even shock, poisoning, in such circumstances, we must stop eating pineapple.

5, banana calories ≈ 125 kcal / 100 g

Not get out of the girls going to the toilet will be suggested that bananas Give it a try! Because bananas are rich in dietary fiber, vitamin A, potassium, etc., so there are great stabilize the digestive system, strengthening muscles, it features soft diuretic. For ordinary constipation, dry skin crush, this is thin, beautiful models of fruit!

In addition, the main component of sugar quality bananas can be eaten immediately after digestion, is quick to add strength. And the banana is very satiety, as long as you can eat a wrapped belly, and the heat quite low calories, do not because it's the thought that he was sweet Zizi negative weight.

Optional: selection of golden skin, peel outer edge of the ridge less marked hypertrophy blunt shape, tail sleek, full-bodied fruit.

Cleaning: Even a banana, should also be used repeatedly washed with water to remove the peel on the way to the remnants of pesticides, especially when used for fruit juice should pay attention to cleanliness.

Save: Banana save the most suitable among the 10-25 Celsius, too hot too easily cooked color, while the temperature is too low prone to chilling injury and, therefore, on hot days when a cool place, cold weather package with a good save newspapers, etc. . Remember do not put the refrigerator Oh!

Tips: Fasting is best not to eat bananas

We say that banana rechargeable food, but not fasting in large numbers to eat. Because bananas contain a lot of potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, for normal people, a large number of potassium and magnesium intake allows the body of sodium, calcium, loss of balance, bad for your health. Therefore, fasting is not eating too many bananas.

6, kiwi calorie ≈ 20.8 kcal / 100 g

Vitamin C super-and more kiwifruit (Actinidia chinensis), has been the love of beautiful crush favorites. As to its highest ranking fruits and food rich in fiber and potassium, it can indeed be included within the thin fruit Fengyun Bang! And, like pineapple, kiwi is also a large number of proteolytic enzymes and meat dishes with it is the better. A little sweet and sour taste of the kiwi, there is to prevent constipation, helps digestion, beautify the skin of the strange effect of only further seasons of the year, Meimei could try to eat Yo!

Optional: The fruit plump, fuzzy clouds are better, in order to determine the maturity of its fruit could be heard and soft reduction pedicle head, if it had been cooked edible soft means that not even a fruit, said the body had been softened overripe.

Cleaning: You can rub a little salt about, and then plenty of water rinse.

Save: to save can be placed in a cool room temperature. If the body feels is still a hard fact, you can and apples, bananas placed in plastic bags in the ripening, or at room temperature for 2-3 days to recover and cooked. Has been soft-cooked kiwifruit can be stored refrigerated in the refrigerator 2-3 weeks.

Tips: severe anemia are advised not to eat kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit is a cold, likely to cause diarrhea, therefore, any gastrointestinal Deficiency, cold limbs, severe anemia, recurrent diarrhea, those who can not eat. Kiwi potassium was very high, it is kidney failure, uremic or dialysis should not be caught eating.

7, lemon calories ≈ 24 kcal / 100 g

Citric acid is mainly of sour lemon, citric acid is to promote the energy metabolism in the process must be involved in the material, but also eliminating fatigue functions. The vitamin C content of lemon is also well known for more than crush it usually brought whitening skin, it promotes the function of intestine peristalsis in the human diet are often supplemented diet with it!

Optional: fruit body hard-real, color bright, Spreading branches dark green, with comparison of fresh aromatic smell. If the body melted, Spreading branches wilt and appear wrinkled skin, then that place too long and has lost the original flavor.

Cut Method: From the lemon to the top into the knife, take about 2 cm wide, the Department has been cut in the end. Or screw Cherie - such as Xiaoping Guo or pears, which start from the top, take about 2 cm wide, circled the department has been cut in the end.

Save: The lemon cut into thin pieces soak in water, use warm water soaking is best, so that is conducive to more nutrients preserved lemon.

Tips: Lemon and milk should not be drinking from the same

Lemon very sour, not directly to individual consumption, can be added to salads or vegetables in the cold. Lemon and milk should not be drinking from the same. Stomach are advised not to drink lemon tea. Should not be too much time to eat lemons, or citric acid may damage teeth

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