Thursday, December 17, 2009

Humans may use a computer to reproduce a dream or a memory image

.S. scientists have recently used a computer model and a real-time imaging scanning system, the success of brain activity to decode the signal and identify a person just seen the pictures. Related papers recently published in "Nature" magazine on the electronic version. The researchers said that this means that the NPC to use a computer to reproduce the brain dreams, imagination or memory image as a possibility.

MRI brain signal digital model of your cards guess the University of California at Berkeley neuroscientists Jiekejialang research team led by Professor chose two colleagues to accept a trial. In the first stage, each of them watched the 1750 images, including animals, architecture, food, outdoor landscape, interior features, man-made objects, etc., while the researchers used functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scanner, to monitor their brain's visual cortex activity. Based on available data, the researchers created a mathematical computer model to analyze the brain's response to different visual features.

In the second phase, two subjects watched a random selection of 120 new pictures, while fMRI scanner to record their brain signals. Through the analysis of mathematical models and computer prediction of the two subjects were seen 110 and 86 pictures, accuracy rate of 92% and 72%. When the subjects saw a picture number increased to 1000, the computer's performance has also declined, but one of them could meet the forecast accuracy rate of 82%.

Professor Galland said: "The image recognition technology is like a magician often play a game - guess the card you choose. Magician will let you be selected, one from a pile of cards, memorizing in mind, and then put back , while the magician will be accurate to pick from the cards you choose. "According to the researchers estimated that, even if the number of images becomes one billion computers on the brain signals" decode "the exact rate is to have about 20%. 1 billion is equivalent to google on the number of images can be searched, that is, you see a picture at random, 1 / 5 the possibility of being guessed what a computer model.

Microscopy showed a complex brain reading device tell you the secrets of brain micro-technology, allow scientists to more easily understand the complexity of the brain cells in the microscopic world. University of California, Thomas Dyrynk shot using two-photon microscopy to the cerebellum fine microstructure. Harvard Jean Leavitt using confocal microscopy, shooting into the brain stem tissue biopsies. In order to understand the nature of the brain of these have laid a solid foundation.

Professor Garang paper wrote: "Our results indicate that relying solely on human brain activity monitoring and analysis, to rebuild their sense of visual images will soon be possible. Imagine, an ordinary 'reading of the brain' equipment wherever and whenever you see the images revealed, even the dreams and imagination are also likely to become a visual image. "

Reading intention is expected to interrogation of prisoners and undercover agents may also be no place to hide While the new study from the fully reveal the inner secrets of people still have a long time, but the technology trend has given rise to the scientific community attention. It was noted that the new study is a double-edged sword, good: in the future can detect hidden heart secretive person, interrogation of prisoners has become very simple. The new study also allow nerve repair devices possible. For example, although paralyzed patients under spinal cord injury, but the limb still by reading the brain's instructions, to complete a few simple actions. But there are also disadvantages: There is no privacy in the world will be very terrible, if the undercover spying may be nowhere to hide

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