Sunday, December 20, 2009

Most suitable in gynecological Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease
  Western medicine that:Mainly caused by pelvic infection occurred in inadequate treatment of acute pelvic inflammatory disease, childbirth, pedestrian flow, release ring, dirty sex lives, but sometimes can not see the obvious cause. The main symptoms are lower abdominal pain, lumbosacral pain, leucorrhea more. Itself is not much discomfort, but it will cause infertility, ectopic pregnancy and other serious complications.

 Western medicine treatment:The acute phase can be treated with antibiotics; but chronic phase, inflammation, hyperplasia and fibrosis have occurred in parts, and even formed a mass, they no good way, and physical therapy may temporarily relieve symptoms.

  Chinese medicine believes that:Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease are mostly Qi stagnation blood stasis, according to each person's situation, there is actual situation of different cold and heat.

 Chinese medicine treatment:According to syndrome differentiation of each person's circumstances and sentenced to different prescriptions, mainly for promoting blood circulation, Poxue Huayu (more potency than the earlier ones), Sanjie (for the physical body mass). Iontophoresis with traditional Chinese medicine can also be (to be Jianhao with gauze soaked in Chinese medicine on the abdomen, pass current, the drug imported from the abdominal pelvic cavity), acupuncture, Chinese medicine, etc. enema treatment.


  Western medicine that:Primary and secondary dysmenorrhea of two points. Secondary type is caused by a variety of pelvic disorders, such as endometriosis. Can not find a clear reason for primary dysmenorrhea.

 Western medicine treatment:Secondary, treatment and causes; of the original hair, since the cause is unknown, also without cause, the painkillers and sedatives can be used antispasmodic drugs, but only temporarily relieve pain.

  Chinese medicine believes that:Everyone's situation is different, the most common is the Qi stagnation blood stasis type.

  Chinese medicine treatment:Usually focus on body conditioning, menstrual and then the correct solution under different circumstances.


For endometriosis, Chinese medicinal effects of the insects quite good, such as the leech, fly insect, insect sting, etc., sounds horrible, but there are very good blood circulation effect

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