Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jie Mi: obese women more impulsive

Obesity not only changing people's health, but also change people's character, especially in terms of a woman. According to the latest study found that obese women the ability to control impulses significantly weaker than normal-weight women, but men, whether obese or not, is almost the same level of control over impulses. The study was conducted by the University of Alabama in Birmingham, England (State University) Department of Psychology researchers.

Researchers at the University of Alabama against the obese or normal-weight men and women to conduct research to understand the differences of their decision-making capacity, in particular the ability to delay discount. This capability is used to measure individual is willing to be driven by an immediate sense of satisfaction, or to wait for the delay, but a greater sense of satisfaction.

Researchers to95Bit subjects offers two options: different assumptions are willing to immediately accept the money or are willing to accept the assumption that a fixed sum, but this amount will be delayed two weeks, a month, six months or a year, three, five or10年. Between hypothetical returns1000至50000Between the U.S. dollar, the researchers found that obese women, the future return on the value of the discount rate is the normal-weight women of3至4Times, indicating that obese women more impulsive.

However, obese men, normal men and women in the control group show a similar degree of delay discount. Even if the researchers controlled the impulse is considered to control the intelligence and income, these two factors, the results remained the same.

Researcher Rosalyn • Dr. Wei Le moderator of this study, she explained that a food might be caused by uncontrolled character traits significant differences between men and women demonstrated in excess under certain circumstances or to lure a tendency to eat sweets, such as tape. Previous studies have shown that a higher body mass index were easy to get out of control, their weight and easier to increase. She said, but women more likely than men to get out of control.

"Our study found that obese men than obese women, are easier to control impulses. Therefore, in general, obese men because of the delay discount tasks may be less ability to avoid more loss of control of impulsive behavior. Obese women to combat anti - capacity may be twice the normal female, and their body mass index is also higher, "Weller said.

The researchers are using brain imaging technology to study late discounts. They use State University Center for International Studies Xiwei Tan3Tesla magnet to investigate the obese heads when making decisions in the brain caused by impulse causes

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