Sunday, December 6, 2009

You have to understand the sense of life of 30

1, often a late night appetite. Will have to stomach cancer. Because the stomach is not a rest
2, could only eat four eggs a week. Eat too much. Right of poor health
3. Chicken's bottom contains carcinogens, do not eat well
4, after dinner to eat fruit is erroneous. Should be eating fruit before meals
5, girls having their periods. Do not drink green tea. Anyway, do not drink tea on the right. Eat the blood of the things that can be
6, Do not drink milk with egg and sugar. Do not drink too much
7 Do not Chi Fanqie fasting, it is best to eat after dinner
8, the morning wake up. First drink a glass of water. To prevent stone
9 Do not eat anything three hours before going to bed. Will be fat
10, less He Naicha. Because of the high heat. High oil. There is no nutritional value to speak of. Long-term consumption. Easy to suffer from high blood pressure. Diabetes. And other diseases

11, fresh-baked bread should not be consumed immediately
12, away from the charging block. The human body should stay away for more than 30 cm. Avoid on the bed
13, every day, drink eight large glasses
14, 10 glasses of water a day. Bladder cancer will not come
15, during the day drink plenty of water. Evening drink less
16, the day do not drink more than two cups of coffee. Drink too easily lead to insomnia, stomach pain
17, multi-eat less fatty foods. Because it would take 5 ~ 7 hours to digest, and make the brain to the stomach the blood concentration. Yi hom
18, after 17 o'clock. Dinner eat less, because after a five-point energy of the body do not need so much
19,10 will be happy to eat kinds of food: deep-sea fish, bananas, grapefruit, whole wheat bread, spinach, garlic, pumpkin, low -
Fat milk, chicken, cherry
20, lack of sleep will make you stupid in one day shall be eight hours of sleep, there is a nap habits were less likely to Old

21, the best sleep time in the early morning of 10 pm ~ 6:00
22, no more than a glass of alcohol a day, because alcohol can inhibit B cell antibody production to increase the opportunities for bacterial infection
23, taking the capsules should be swallowed with cold water (which can be the first one to eat), before going to bed 30 minutes before medication. Bogey to lie down immediately
24, Plum with anti-aging effect, panacea; anger defects are advised to eat more
25, hair loss, factors: late at night, stress, alcohol and tobacco, Chicken row. Hotpot. Greasy food. Seasonings too heavy dishes
26, to help hair growth: multi-eat cabbage and egg. Legumes; eating sweets (especially fructose)
27 a day, a cup of lemon juice, orange juice. Not only can whitening can dilute the black spot
28, Apple is a motorcycle race, drug addicts, housewives standing medicine a day, an order giving himself a
Clean lungs
29, smoking, eating and vitamins (B-carotene as a vitamin-A), causes skin cancer, quit smoking as soon as possible. Is the most healthy
30, women should not drink tea five periods: their periods, pregnant women give birth before. Production finished, menopause.

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