Sunday, December 6, 2009

5 kinds of food impotence not be trusted

Since ancient times, many foods are related to impotence anything to do relationships. However, according to the U.S. MSNBC Web site February 14, U.S. experts recently found that 5 of the most common food effect is questionable.

Refreshing spices add to the fun

Many of spices from Asia that could provoke a sexual being. However, aroma and taste of Chicago, Dr. Yilunhexi Therapy Research Foundation pointed out that the measurements show that the use of spices, the penis and the vagina is not much change in the degree of congestion.

Pepper to form fill-shaped

India, South America, many people believe that pepper looks like a male genitalia, spicy taste stimulation, just as fiery love. In fact, the pepper is only the material contained in anti-oxidant, promoting metabolism, the role of pain, with nothing to do with impotence.

Truffles is "Flavor of Love"

The ancient Greeks and Romans were convinced that truffles have aphrodisiac effects, such views have affected a lot of modern Europeans. However, it was well-known American expert James Trepp introduce truffles, truffle contains musk can only encourage pig estrus, there is no evidence that the right people effectively.

Chocolate to mention "sex" Fun

Perhaps the relationship between Valentine's Day, people accustomed to chocolate and love together. However, psychologists, and sexual health specialists Linda Dai Weile of the study, the main ingredient of chocolate is cocoa, resistant to oxidation, reducing blood pressure, but it is absolutely impossible for people to brave the night.

Oysters are Aphrodisiac

Oysters are Europe and the United States who advocate the aphrodisiac cuisine, the survey showed that 25% of people think that it has aphrodisiac effects. Psychologists, "fearless sex" a Joy Davidson, author of the book that the particular shape of oysters are often compared to female genital mutilation, from a psychological point of view, it may stimulate the male libido. However, from nutrition point of view, contains large amounts of oysters, as well as trace minerals zinc, can only help improve the system immunity, enhance sexual desire is not possible

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