Sunday, December 6, 2009

"Heel pain" is probably the performance of Menopause

You mention the "Menopause" It's three words, people will think is the habit of feeling irritable, moody sort of words, it seems that the symptoms of menopause is mainly mental abnormalities. Recent studies have found that many menopausal women, the body a "heel pain, knee pain, back pain" and other minor defects, they are also symptoms of menopause.

Women have entered menopause, estrogen levels will suddenly fall in calcium absorption capacity also plunged, so prone to a variety of calcium deficiency symptoms, such as heel pain, osteoporosis and so on.

Experts point out that Asian women are particularly vulnerable to calcium deficiency physique, but to the post-menopausal women, that is, no matter how calcium, but also very difficult to effectively absorbed. It is proposed that young women should pay attention to calcium problems, 35-year-old former best period of calcium supplementation.

Menopausal women, it is not necessary to add artificial estrogen do? Experts believe that is not necessary. In general, in exceptional circumstances, the doctor will consider the injection of estrogen, such as fracture healing is difficult, or menopause, mental patients, the need for appropriate supplementary estrogen.

In addition, menopausal women are also prone to nervous disorders regulation, many menopausal women experience heart palpitations, blood pressure fluctuations, a lot of hair out, dizziness, insomnia, irregular bleeding, night sweats, frequent menstruation, and many other symptoms. Who have been treated as a pure heart, or stomach treatment ineffective.

Therefore, experts suggest that menopause, the body of a female friend annual physical examination, to discover the problem. If aches or pains, palpitation, or any other uncomfortable feelings, be sure to pay attention to. And should be the first to gynecological consultation for menopausal women, the special physical circumstances, for targeted therapy. In general, the earlier the symptoms of menopause to treat and control, the better

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