Friday, December 11, 2009

Peach Blossom Spring several simple cosmetic whitening side

Spring is the season of blossoming fruit trees, the Tang dynasty poet coming back the "Peach Blossom Face form a contrast red" poem, peach really give people beauty hyperchromic. Here are several simple, practical, easy-to-peach beauty side.

Peach porridge: Take Peach (dry goods) 2 grams, 100 grams of rice, brown sugar 30 grams. Will be placed in casserole in the peach, water soaked for 30 minutes, add rice, simmer slow fire porridge, porridge into a brown sugar are added, mix well. Day 1, breakfast a time to take advantage of hot food, five for each treatment interval of 5 days to take the next course of treatment. Applicable to the performance and blood stasis (eg, face a dark, menstruation there is a blood clot, the tongue has purpura, a long-term dry feces) were. This porridge both cosmetic effect, but also the blood circulation. However, this should not be Jiufu porridge, and shall be suspended during menstruation taking excessive menstrual who Jifu. If using fresh peach petals better. 4 grams of fresh products are available daily.

Peach trotters beauty porridge:Peach (dry goods) 1 g, trotters 1, 100 grams of japonica rice. The peach drying, and research to fine backup. The flesh and bones, trotters separate wok in the home by adding water, stir and boil, skim foam, change will be slow fire Dunzhi trotters overripe bone removed, add rice, and peach at the end and continue to simmer with the slow fire porridge, congee into a time adding proper amount of thin salt, MSG, sesame oil, green onion, raw ginger, mix well, every other day one, fractional warm clothes. This side has blood circulation emollient, Qi Tong milk, Feng muscular beauty, stasis of Health and a new effect, apply a stain on the face of breast-feeding women. Postpartum taking this porridge, milk can pass, but also removal of facial pigmentation, and softens skin, replenishing the body.

Peach whitening side:Peach Blossom (dry) 60 grams, 75 grams melon-jen, orange peel 45 grams, a total of inquiry into the pole to fine, buy porcelain vase in the back, each 1 gram, 2 ~ 3 times a day, after meals with warm rice wine sent to the next . This side has blood circulation, speckle whitening, skin color of the efficacy of Yuet, can be used to face than the black or face those who have melasma.

Peach Pill:To take the initial peach, dry grinding sifting, refining honey for the pill each morning and evening service 6 grams. The Pill on the liver Qi stagnation, blood lines caused by facial Anhei poor or see acne, acne, Hu Dieban who have good efficiency; can also be used by women to the treatment of dysmenorrhea and migraine.

Peach Tea:Take peach (dry goods) 4 grams, 5 grams of melon-jen, poplar skin 3 grams. Lunar New Year early in March each year on the 3rd capture Peach, dried, preserved. Take a day dry goods and melon peach-jen, poplar skin home the cup, boiling water, brewing, stamped 10 minutes after drinking. Can be repeated brewing 3 ~ 4 times, when the tea drinking, the daily one. Apply to facial spots, pregnancy pigment spots, age spots, and another strong sunshine the region who had darker skin. Pregnant women and those who Jifu excessive menstrual flow.

Peach Wine:Peach Blossom (Lunar New Year early in March on the 3rd capture) and the upper amount of wine each. The peach into the jars, together with other spirits, in order to Jiujin no peach of degrees, stamped seal, soak after 30 unsealed Liquor Decanter out of another place, each taking Liquor 5 ~ 10 ml drinking, sooner or later each one times. The peach petals back into the jars, plus amount of liquor and then soaked 45 days, as a second sub-Liquor, each serving 10 to 20 ml, sooner or later each one time. Healthy middle-aged men and women-Safe, drink can prevent and beauty Yue color. Who Jifu menstrual quantity.

Peach Angelica Wine:The early release of the peach bud collected 300 grams, 40 grams of Angelica put in the same bottle, together with other white wine 1000 ml, sealed a month later Kaifeng access. Daily morning and evening to drink wine 1 cup peach Angelica, while a little tincture in the palm of your hand down into his hands for rub until after the palm fever, facial rub back and forth. This can only remove facial spots, treatment, minimalist looking, dark spots and post-natal face Anhei, are generally used 40 to 60 days, stains disappear, complexion became rosy sheen

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