Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Men, 5 women firmly attracted trick

Men like to pursue the course of the various stimuli were rejected and will not give up even if he wants to pursue your fighting spirit! The following provide you with a few classic "seduce" trick to ensure that allowed him to unwittingly was firmly attracted you Oh!


Too complicated: Let all of his calls into voice mail. Moreover, even if you are only one person at home, it should first open too deafening sound, and then come back to the phone calls to him, and deliberately creates its own illusion of social life is very rich.

Is too well-behaved: a day to fight at least once a call to him and said to him: "just wanted to say hi."

Just right: if he call back, do not hit a pass over the phone to him. And to maintain dialogue with a brief, in order to maintain his interest.


Too complicated: as long as he did in the three days before the invitation to refuse him, even if he is temporary until tomorrow night to get tickets for the concert, do not allow him to go out.

Is too well-behaved: Let him know you are very busy every weekend.

Just right: Occasionally before agreeing to a temporary offer.

To spend Spring Night

Too complicated: Even though your heart is very keen on his body, when the previous date you will not kiss him.

Is too well-behaved: the first date with him when he went to bed. To do so would make him the object that you are just one-night stand.

Just right: although the "a few dates before going to bed" The problem is that there is no standard answer, but you will still wait until the feeling of each other in the "serious" when contacts go to bed to save himself reduced to a friend of his gun.


Too complicated: even if he is, and妳說time, but also insist on immediate responses to all calls and SMS.

Is too well-behaved: It is recommended to the Internet recommended by the "most romantic" restaurant.

Just good: praise him for the selection of red wine, and let him know you liked him very much of the food.


Too complicated: and men chat all night to prove that he is very in demand.

Is too well-behaved: the same as a small serving girls followed him.

Just right: If the party on almost all of your friends, you will introduce his friends know, from time to time pay attention to whether he looks fun. If a nearby almost all of his friends, you had nothing to be friends, but still maintain some space.

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